Key Elements Of Health To Heal Your Body Of Chronic Diseases

In a world where chronic diseases are becoming epidemic it is clear that something is wrong with the way our society forces us to live. Today’s stress (nutritional, emotional, environmental) is higher than it has ever been!

The statistics that follow, about U.S. people, are creepy to say the least:1

  • 1 out of 2 children will have diabetes in their life.
  • 1 out of 3 adults will have Type II diabetes in their life.
  • 1 out of 3 people will have cancer in their life.
  • 1 out of 5 people will have an autoimmune disease in their life.

Why We Are Losing Our Battle Against Chronic Diseases


We have been made to believe that Medical Doctors know what is best for us. That is not the way it is. They have been trained only in one small piece of medical science known as allopathic reductionism. Their intent is to keep the disease process under control with prescription drugs, not to cure.


The fact is that medical science includes other kinds of medicine too: naturopathic, chiropractic, homeopathic, osteopathic, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine and so on.

So this begs the question: why on earth we only hear about allopathic reductionism?


Naturopath Peter Glidden explains that, sadly, it is an economic reason. Pharmaceuticals companies, with the support of the government, created a monopoly since the 1920s. Other kinds of medicine are not recognized, the insurance pays only for MD directed medicine, the media talk only about MD directed medicine and so on.

Bottom line is: We do not know there is another way, we do not know there are alternatives.


“I once worked as a writer for a big New York ad agency. Our boss used to tell us: Invent a disease. Come up with the disease, he said, and we can sell the cure. Attention deficit disorder, seasonal affect disorder, social anxiety disorder – these are not diseases, they are marketing ploys. Doctors did not discover them, copywriters did. Marketing departments did. Drug companies did.” – Steven Pressfield

“Every day of being a medical doctor was chipping away at my integrity.” – Lissa Rankin, MD


We Are Masters Of Our Own Destiny

It is becoming evident that western traditional medicine is not the solution to our problems. In fact, prescription drugs and the modern lifestyle never have been the solution.

We have to analyze the root cause of the diseases; the “whole person” should be focused on, not just the disease itself. We need a different way of thinking; we need something that the mainstream media are hiding to us.


While we can not change our DNA, we can alter how it expresses itself. External signals like nutrition, environment in which we live, thoughts, emotions, can influence regulatory proteins that determine how and even whether DNA gets expressed in certain ways.

In other words, we are not victims of our genes. We are masters of our own destiny!



So, what does it takes for the body to thrive?

In my experience there are three elements that need to be considered: nutrition (or in a wider sense biochemistry), emotional stress, and physical shape; that is what natural medicine is all about.

3 Elements To Combat Chronic Inflammation

1. Nutrition/Biochemistry


Let the food you eat be your medicine. Let the food you eat “slowly kill” you or let it “slowly heal” you. You can choose, you have control over the food choices you make. What we put in our body really matters.

Do not be fooled to think that junk food is not going to affect your health that much. What we eat alters the chemistry of our body either positively or negatively.

Artificially modifying the chemistry with a prescription drug will only disrupt the biochemistry even more feeding the disease. We are not deficient in a prescription drug, we are deficient in vitamins and minerals.

Though the symptoms are covered and we are “happy”. That is the crazy world we live in!

2. Healthy Emotional Flow


Nowadays mental stress is a huge problem, it is probably the major body breaker. Our life is completely out of balance, we live in constant worries and anxiety, we doubt ourselves.

This might not be visible from the outside, but it wears down ourselves from the inside. Fear is the emotion that leads us. And when fear controls us there is no space for love.

Clearly the body is not going to sustain vitality in that condition: start accepting yourself for just being you; let go of your fears and make space for love.

3. Structure/Physical Exercise


A correct structure, or physical shape, is necessary for the body to function properly. Think of a squared tire: it will not roll.

Physical exercise is a great way to be fit: it lowers the weight, improves the shape and fitness by strengthening muscles and bones, it regulates the glucose metabolism, releases endorphin that make you feel happy and helps regulate sleep.

Health Is A Choice!

If you harmonize the 3 elements listed above, you will thrive. And if you are sick you will heal from any chronic disease. That is the message of hope I want to spread.

“Health is a choice” means to give back hope to people that risked to lose it. So now, it is your choice. Make a decision. Take the challenge. It is all on you.