5 Ways To Not Get Lyme Disease From Your Backyard

Keep Lyme Disease Out Of Your Yard

Lyme disease is an infectious bacterial disease that can cause swollen joints, severe rashes, flu-like symptoms and even severe panic attacks. Ticks are disgusting bugs no one wants to be around. They suck on your blood and attach themselves to your body. But while they take your blood, what they give you in return is Lyme disease. Lyme disease is usually transmitted to humans when they get bitten by ticks. Most people are told to be careful while out hiking in the woods because ticks abound freely in the wilderness. Most times, people aren’t even aware they have been bitten by a tick, until they start suffering from all the symptoms of Lyme disease.

But it isn’t just the woods that infectious ticks are found in. If you don’t take care of your garden properly, you might be throwing open the doors for a tick infestation. Considering how much time you and your family spend out in the garden, you definitely do not want ticks inhabiting it as well. Luckily, with proper care and maintenance, you can keep ticks away from your yard and protect your family from Lyme disease. Follow these tips and you’ll have a well-maintained yard that no tick wants to enter.


1. Keep The Lawn Mowed

Keep Your Grass Short And Well Maintained

Ticks love overgrown, grassy lawns which they can hide in. Always keep your lawn neat by cutting the grass to not more than a few inches high. Most people mow the center of their lawn and skip the edges, but don’t make this mistake. Mow your lawn right up to the edges to ensure that the ticks have no place to make themselves home. Clean up all the grass clippings and fallen leaves to make sure that they don’t decompose and attract ticks. Instead of throwing them in the bin, you could use them as organic manure.


2. Line Your Yard With Gravel

Gravel Acts As A Protective Boundary

If you live near a wooded area, ticks can very easily move from the woods into your home. To protect your yard from them, line the boundaries with gravel. Ticks can’t stand walking over gravel because it’s sharp and painful for them. If you can’t find gravel, wood chips work perfectly as well. Once you’ve laid this boundary, you’ll have a protective buffer between your beautiful yard and infectious fleas.


3. Keep Woodpiles Dry

Store Woodpiles In Sunny Places

If you stack woodpiles outside your home, you’re much more likely to have a major tick infestation. Ticks love to burrow in wood because it’s dark, cool and has plenty of little nooks and crannies for them to get comfortable in. While you can’t avoid woodpiles, you can definitely make them less inviting for ticks. Stack piles of wood neatly instead of just tossing them into a heap. Store them in the sun so that they any moisture in them gets dried up, robbing ticks of that damp coolness they like.


4. Use Plants As Repellents

 Beautyberry Naturally Repels Ticks

Most people trying to protect their yard from ticks call in pest control. These agents spray a chemical called DEET all over your yard to kill ticks and keep them away. However, while certainly effective, DEET is pretty harmful for humans as well. This chemical is a known carcinogen and can put you and your family at risk. Instead of using harmful chemicals, plant an American Beautyberry bush in your yard. Not only is this plant beautiful to look at, but its leaves repel ticks from your yard.


5. Consider Raising Chickens

Chickens Eat Ticks Before They Can Spread Disease

To get rid of ticks, use their natural predators to eat them up. Chickens pecks away at grass and eat the ticks that live in them. Once you raise chickens in your yards, not only will the existing ticks die, but new ticks will be dissuaded from entering. You’ll also have fresh eggs for breakfast, so it’s a win-win.