3 Reasons Your Head Aches And Natural Ways To Cure It

Is Your Headache Caused by Aspirin Deficiency

Regardless of what the aspirin commercials say, you are NOT supposed to suffer from any type of daily or frequent headaches. There is no “common everyday headache.” Honest!

1. Muscles, The Main Cause Of Headache

Most headaches are muscular in origin. This means that muscles cause most head pain. Pain in your head, as well as in your neck and shoulders, are caused by tightness or tension in a muscle or muscle group. The muscles from which a headache arise may be almost anywhere in the body, but most especially, in the upper body. Sometimes, a specialized type of muscle contraction called a trigger point (it “triggers” pain in your head or elsewhere) needs to be released or relaxed manually.


Imagine that a plastic wrap covers each muscle fiber and surrounds all of the soft tissues, ligaments, tendons, layers of fat, and each individual soft tissue cell of your body. The clear, thin plastic wrap you are imagining has a name – fascia. You know what happens when you crinkle or twist plastic wrap? It pulls to every corner of the piece you twist. The same thing happens in your body with the fascia. If you get a wrinkle or kink in the fascial layer, it will pull to the far corners of your body.

If you begin with a kink, or muscle spasm or contraction in one area of your body, it will soon start pulling in other parts of your body. Even if just one muscle gets a contraction, its nearby neighboring muscles like to get into the act. They get contracted, too. All of these muscles pulling on your poor head or neck cause head pain!


Cure For Headache Caused By Muscles

If a headache is caused by muscles and other soft tissue, it can be relieved by improving your posture. Head pain can easily be caused by postural distortions that happen when you sleep, sit, stand, work, or play. Paying attention to your posture and strengthening your back can help eliminate muscle tension headaches. Massage therapy can help work out the kinks and trigger points and there are lots of do-it-yourself ways to get rid of muscle tension, too.


2. Highly Processed Foods And Candy

Food Causes Headache


If you have a diet that consists of highly processed food-like substances – things like white bread and candy – your body cannot function the way it wants to. Your digestive system gets sluggish and constipation actually does cause head pain! The solution to feeling better all over is to eat a healthy diet that is loaded with nutrients, naturally.

If you mostly eat food that grew and that is colorful, you will be ahead of the pack. Did you know that some “junk” food actually can cause head pain just because of the chemical ingredients? Aspartame is a real baddy. Your body will thank you for improving your diet and so will your head!


3. Hormonal Fluctuation

Hormones Cause Headache

Many women have hormone-induced headaches once or twice a month. You can reduce and sometimes totally get rid of monthly headaches by improving your diet and bodily elimination and by improving your posture. The more causes of pain you get rid of, the less pain you will have, even if you cannot change your hormones.


You see, there are reasons that your head hurts. You can get rid of the things that are making your head hurt and it’s actually pretty easy. I even wrote a book that explains more about the causes of headaches and migraines and natural ways to get rid of them. If you eliminate muscle tension, trigger points, habits, and foods that are causing your head to hurt, you can actually feel better!