Is It Too Late To Learn A Musical Instrument?

Much like a puppy attempting to climb a seemingly gigantic, steep flight of stairs, haven’t many of us (only referring to us non-musically talented lot) had the ‘it’s time to stop being useless and play an instrument’ drive? And way too often.

Did You Know Your Brain Dances When You Play An Instrument?

While you play an instrument, you read the notes, rhythmically translate that info into hand and foot movements, and hear the sounds that you create. It’s quite a stimulating experience for your brain (even more than Sudoku or Scrabble), particularly the visual, auditory, and motor areas. Once these areas are strengthened, we can apply the sharpened functions to other activities. This is how…

It is no wonder that musical intervention is now being used to recover and improve brain function following stroke, injury, or disease (like Parkinson’s). Rhythmically emphasized creation of music using instruments extensively restores motor function in patients with neurologic deficits like impaired motility.

Enhanced memory, improved blood circulation, and stabilized blood pressure are some of

the other perks of playing an instrument–something you will love doing anyway.

Wait. It doesn’t stop there. Body-mind wellness holds true for instruments, too. You will feel less stressed and more comfortable in your skin. By keeping you engaged and shifting your focus, it will help you in your fight against addictions.

Your Math Skills Will Improve

You’re probably thinking how is that even possible. All the timing and octave calculations will in actuality minimize your need to use a calculator for anything!

You Will Be Socially Accepted

I’m not assuming you aren’t already, but think bigger.

You Will Start Expressing Yourself More

Again, not making any assumptions. When is it ever wrong to express how you feel in a better way?

You Will Learn To Multi-Task

How easy do you think all that eye-limb coordination is? This is not an attempt to scare you, but to help you realize the extent to which you will be doing yourself good.

Still not


Now that you’re an adult, it’s going to be so much easier.

You Already Have A Music Database

You obviously like listening to music. That’s the whole reason why you’re even contemplating playing an instrument. Years of musical knowledge—genres, artists, songs—will have already developed your ear for notes, making the learning process so much easier.

No One Is Forcing You Into This

For your sake, I hope not. You genuinely want to do this on your own cause you’re inspired by a renowned musician or may be a friend or may be it’s been a childhood dream you’re tired of just dreaming. With your unshakeable adult determination, you will find it easier to stick through the boring initial moments you spend learning the basics of an instrument.

You Know The Value Of Time And Discipline. (Definitely an assumption for the Peter Pan generation.)

Discipline is something you’ve been taught, if not mastered, throughout your childhood. Music without discipline is not music, so you understand the upper hand you have there. Hopefully, you

already know how to schedule your day. Fitting in practice time and sticking to it is something that will come naturally to you.

You’ve Already Taken On Life. Why Get Flustered Over An Instrument?

Your well-developed brain appeals to logic and reasoning. You will find it a lot easier to understand music theories. Correlating them with chords and tunes will soon become second nature.

It Will Be Your Safe Haven

Adulthood conditions you to crave for an out. The need to escape into a relaxing, quiet, me-time place becomes vital. Spending time with your instrument is a great way to de-stress.

Adults, ‘it’s never too late’ never gets old. All you need is a nudge in the right direction, an instrument, and an unrestricted, emotional heart.

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