Inner Leaf Vs Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Gel: Difference And Benefits

inner leaf vs whole leaf aloe vera gel

Aloe vera and aloe vera gel are widely used for its benefits. Due to its therapeutic properties such as antioxidant, anti-helminthic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, laxative, and anti- arthritic properties, it is effective as a hair conditioner, promotes hair growth, treats burns, reduces inflammation, aids digestion and treats constipation.1

However, how the aloe vera gel is made, determines what it can be used for. Inner leaf aloe vera is different from whole leaf aloe vera gel extract, and safer to use, with a wider range of health benefits.

What Is The Difference?

difference between inner leaf and whole leaf aloe vera gel

The two parts of the aloe vera plant that are most beneficial are the inner leaf and the latex. The inner leaf pulp contains the gel that is widely used.

While inner leaf aloe vera gel is latex-free, whole leaf aloe vera gel is made using the entire

leaf, including the latex.2 As the whole leaf aloe vera gel contains the latex too, it is not safe for internal use as it is a strong laxative.3

As the whole leaf gel is made using the entire leaf, you may think that the whole leaf aloe vera gel is more beneficial as compared to the inner leaf gel. On the contrary, the whole leaf gel undergoes a process called carbon filtration to remove impurities and bacteria from the outer leaf, where most of its beneficial properties are lost, unlike the inner leaf gel that contains most of the beneficial parts even in its final stage.4

Benefits Of Inner Leaf Aloe Vera Gel

Inner leaf aloe vera gel benefits

  • Aloe vera gel promotes healing and repair. It can be used to
    heal burns, stings, and insect bites.5 It can also relieve itching, swelling, and pain.
  • Aloe vera gel contains lectins and polysaccharides that have anti-cancer effects. It shows antitumor activities like tumor shrinkage, reduces tumor burden, and tumor necrosis. Additionally, it also shows chemopreventive effects.6
  • As an anti-inflammatory agent, aloe vera gel is used to treat periodontal diseases.7
  • Aloe vera gel can cure gastric ulcers and has regulatory effects on gastric secretions.8
  • Improved skin hydration by retaining and preserving moisture. It is beneficial to the skin which the reason for its use in lotions, sunblocks, soaps, shampoos, and cleansers.
  • Inner aloe vera gel is an effective antimicrobial agent.
  • Consumption of aloe vera gel can reduce blood glucose levels and
    aid in the treatment of diabetes.9

Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Gel Benefits

Whole leaf aloe vera gel benefits

Although the inner leaf aloe vera gel is more beneficial, aloe latex in the whole leaf aloe vera gel possesses laxative properties that can treat constipation.

Note: If you are under oral medications, laxatives or blood thinners, avoid consuming aloe latex as it can prevent or affect the absorption of the medications or causes diarrhea. Also, commercial products may not also contain only the inner leaf aloe vera gel. So, ensure that the gel you buy is latex free or just extract the gel from a plant at home.