4 Important Initial Steps You Can Take To Quit Sugar

Cutting sugar out of your diet can be hard, but not impossible.

Most of us have no idea that we consume extremely high amounts of sugar, and most of us also don’t see the big deal about it. Sugar is everywhere, even in food that claims it doesn’t really have “sugar” but sugar replacements. Though we may think we are being healthier, anything that contains sugar, including replacements for sugar, can affect our body drastically in the long run. It is seen that people who get 10 to 25 percent of their added calories from sugar are almost three times as likely to die die from heart problems when compared to people who consumed less than 10 percent of their calories from sugar. There have been many studies that have linked excessive sugar intake to higher risks of developing cardiovascular diseases, obesity, type 2 diabetes and even certain types of cancer. However, most of us still have a hard time quitting sugar despite knowing the risks. This is because sugar is addictive, and tends to flood the brain with dopamine, the chemical implicated in gambling and cocaine use, every time we consume

it. This can make it fundamentally difficult to quit sugar, but definitely not impossible. Below are some ways you can cut sugar out of your diet:

1. Cut Out Processed Foods

Processed foods do more harm than good to our body.

There are countless articles on the internet that talk about the dangers of processed foods, and for good reason too. Not only do processed foods have an unhealthy amount if sugar in them, they also have unhealthy amounts of sodium that leads to complications in health when consumed over a long period of time. Anything packaged usually has a bunch of other ingredients that don’t do much good for your body, so depending on fresh and natural foods can really help. Whole foods, fresh fruit, yogurt and other foods can be much healthier, and can also make you feel satisfied after eating. Taking time to prepare a meal from scratch is a great and healthy way to lower your sugar intake.

2. Eat Often
And Drink Water

Keep yourself satiated and hydrated through the day with healthy foods

Eating regularly can help to reduce instances of food cravings. When we crave for food, we don’t really pay any attention to what we eat, and actually end up reaching for tasty and delicious food that isn’t always healthy. When we eat at regular intervals through the day, we give our body less room to be hungry and also choose the food we eat wisely. Skipping meals or staying hungry for long periods of time is a sure way of giving into junk food, so make sure that you get your 3 full meals and keep some healthy snacks around in case you get hungry. Drinking water continuously through the day can also help, as we can sometimes mistake thirst for hunger. Moreover, water can keep your body functioning healthily and keep you hydrated through the day.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is vital for
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Sleep is one of the most important things for a healthy body, and it can be surprising to know that a lack of sleep can also affect our appetite and our food choices. We put our body in a vulnerable position when we are tired, because we end up wanting carbs or foods that give us a quick boost of energy, and these foods most definitely contain high amounts of sugar. These can even lead to a sugar crash sometimes, which can make you feel more tired and have you reaching for more carbs and sugar. Getting enough sleep can keep your body functioning correctly, and keep you strong and alert through the day.

4. Read Labels

Labels can tell us everything we need to know.

Not every company labels sugar as “sugar”, and find all sorts of creative ways to make it look like there isn’t

excessive sugar in their products. While reading the labels is a must if you want to know what you’re eating, you also need to be able to spot the sugar in anything. Therefore, if any ingredient ends in “-ose”, you can know that it is a sugar product. Moreover, anything that ends in “syrup” is also a sugar product. You might be surprised as to how many products actually contain sugar, such as whole grain bread, which plays a big part in how much sugar we end up consuming. Being mindful of what we eat, and how much sugar we are consuming can be the first step in reducing how much sugar we let ourselves eat. Once we understand the contents of our food, it becomes easier to cut out things that are bad for our body.