Training For A Marathon? Try This Indoor Run And Core Building Workout

I’m so excited about this new theme:  Marathon March, we are doing all indoor walking, running, or jogging workouts this month!  But, don’t worry, I’m planning on getting plenty of strength work in there for us, too.

Excitingly, we started off by hitting a great milestone and, like I always do, I created a special workout to say Thank You for subscribing, this time a 4K (four thousand meters, or just about 2.5 miles) run plus core strength exercises.


As you may or may not know, running workouts are very special to me, and the reason I’ve chosen the theme of marathons for this month is because I will be running another one (my 10th!) in just a few weeks. I hope this month inspires you to set some lofty goals for yourself. Because YOU can accomplish anything, too!

This workout is very simple to recreate on your own, but you might enjoy it more by following along, since I included some upbeat music to keep us motivated. We’re working on cardio endurance with rather long intervals of running or walking, paired with very short intervals of isometric stability holds, which get more challenging as our heart rate increases.


#MarathonMarch – 4K Indoor Run Or Walk + Core

Set your timer for intervals of 1:45 and :15. We are walking, jogging or running for the long intervals and holding different plank positions for the short intervals.

Warm Up (complete each exercise 20x)

  • High Knees
  • Booty Kickers
  • Squats
  • Leg Swings
  • Leg Crossers

Main Workout (repeat the set 4x)

  • Run interval + Plank Hold
  • Run interval + Left Side Plank Hold
  • Run interval + Right Side Plank Hold
  • Run interval + Reverse Plank Hold

Built-In Finisher


On the final set, try to increase your speed slightly on each run interval, finishing with the fastest pace you can sustain.