How To Drastically Improve The Chances Of A Female Orgasm

The female orgasm is not a myth, unlike what most people might like to believe. Popular belief dictates that the female orgasm is like a magical medallion which doesn’t exist. But that is not true at all. Women can achieve orgasms under the right circumstances and with right stimulation. Men need to be more educated about the vagina for them to ease the process of orgasm for women. Men don’t have a complicated reproductive system but women do. Hence, women have many tiny parts that often go unrecognized during the act of sex. And it is so because men don’t know the power that a tiny part can play in inducing an orgasm in a woman. This specific tiny part is the clitoris. There are two undeniable reasons behind the lack of orgasms in women; clitoris and sexual positions. Let’s get to know more about them.

Clitoris- The Magical Window To A Female Orgasm


According to a meta-study of 33 other studies that were conducted over a period of 80 years, only 25% of women achieve orgasms during their vaginal intercourse. This study comes from the book The Case of the Female Orgasm by Elisabeth Lloyd. This interesting book sheds some light on this topic in a very astute manner. The reason behind this missing aspect in sex has been always been linked to an under-stimulated clitoris. Clitoris is to women what penis head is to men. All the pleasure nerve endings are located at these two specific areas. And men can often neglect this tiny part of a woman’s vagina that stops a woman from achieving an intense climax. Other than this, sexual positions can also play a huge role in enabling orgasms for women.

4 Sex Positions For Women To Achieve Orgasms

1. Belly Friction

This belly rub technique can help women in reaching the peak of their sexual ecstasy. In this position, a man is supposed to be lying on his back and a woman is supposed to lie flat on the man. This is also known as Coital Alignment Technique (CAT). This position enables a couple to touch each other with whole of their bodies and it ensures maximum stimulation. This allows full body stimulation for both individuals which makes them completely physically connected. This position also allows clitoris to be a big part of the process of stimulation that ensures orgasms for the woman.

2. Take Her From Behind

This position is not a very traditional position. And it gives all the control to the man but the fact of the matter is that this position is very potent in allowing women to achieve orgasms. This position gives a direct access to a woman’s G-spot. It also gives access to the clitoris. According to many sex experts, doggy style can help in direct stimulation of the G-spot which can be done either by quick and small thrusts or fingers.

3. Woman On Top

Woman on top or cow girl is another great sex position that can allow women to achieve orgasms. This position gives women the reins. Hence, women can stir the wagon in the direction of their orgasms without any problem. In this position, women control the depth and pace of the stimulation while making sure that the clitoris is being stimulated from the friction. Hence, this is a great position for women and their orgasms.

4. Assisted Missionary

People who like to be adventurous in bed find this position rather bland. But this position is actually a great way to stimulate orgasms in women. But missionary position needs a little assistance for enabling orgasms in women. A couple can use sex toys like a vibrating penis ring to provide an extra oomph factor to this position. This position can allow clitoris stimulation with a bit of assistance and can help women to reach a completely satisfying climax.

A couple can ensure equal satisfaction for both individuals as long as they are willing to lose a bit of control in bed and be a little selfless in giving their better halves some intense pleasure.