5 Important Things Women Forget To Do After Having A Baby

Talk about postpartum, every woman keeps saying things about their newborn. Her world has changed with the arrival of her little love. Her life revolves around the baby. She never misses anything that relates to her baby.

But, wait mommies, do you forget some other important things too? After childbirth, many women forget about other things, which are as significant as their babies. Here are a few of them.

You Forget To Take Care Of Yourself

During pregnancy, you focused on eating nutritious food and staying hydrated so that your baby will get the required nutrients. Well, once your baby arrives, you tend to forget that. You spend your time looking after the baby – feeding, burping, changing diapers, putting him/her to sleep. Yes, it is challenging. But that is not an excuse for you not to take care of yourself.

Eat well. Turns out, during the initial days you are the only source of nutrients for your baby. Moreover, while breastfeeding you need to stay healthy. Also, you should never miss your sleep. Oh, easier said than done! But try your best not to compromise on sleep. Getting enough rest will help you rejuvenate.

You Forget To Restrict Visitors

A newborn and a new mom – the perfect reason for anyone to hijack your house. Everyone adores visiting your little love. They just love to hold your baby and cuddle the little love. While they enjoy the presence of the baby, you will end up treating your guests and your energy will be drained out.

Remember, limit your guests in the initial days. Your baby needs some quiet time to get used to his/her new world. Moreover, it is best to avoid any risk of infection or illness. Recovering from the scars of delivery, you also deserve some rest.

You Forget Your Hobbies

Do you remember the way you spend your free time pre-pregnancy? You may had many hobbies. You used to read books, enjoy gardening, or play some musical instruments. Well, do you spare time for any of this now?

With a little one to look after, it is not easy to find time for your favorite hobbies. This is where your friends and family come in. Seek help from them. When they babysit, you can find your ‘me time’. You may think it is unnecessary. But, the energy and freshness it can give you are beyond your imagination. A dynamic and vibrant mind is what you want to give your best to take care of your baby without having any depressing thoughts.

You Forget To Look After Your Relationship

When you are with your baby, someone else might be feeling lonely there. Agreed that the baby needs your complete attention. You may never find the time to be with your loved one. But, that does not mean that you can ignore your relationship with your partner.

Talk to your partner. The best way to engage is to share your baby care duties. Find time to be  together with your baby. Make it a habit to have a chat at the end of the day or have dinner together. Plan date night as you used to do before. Believe that nothing has changed in your relationship other than the arrival of a baby who can brighten it more.

You Forget To Do Regular Exercise

Keeping your body and mind fit was your priority during pregnancy. You knew that it is important for your growing fetus. Post pregnancy, you might have said goodbye to your exercise schedule. And you have a valid reason for that – busy with baby care.

Ladies, understand that at any point of time it is vital to keep your body healthy. Especially postpartum you need to regain your body’s strength and shed those extra pounds. Get back to your regular exercise routine after you get a green signal from your doctor. Don’t forget your Kegel exercises. It will help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which are weakened following pregnancy and childbirth.

Keeping yourself active is crucial postpartum. Even though your baby deserves complete attention, your body also deserves care. Do not ignore your needs. And for that, you need to seek help from others. Trying to do everything yourself is not an effective strategy. While your friends and family spend time with your baby, you can engage in activities that can refresh you. Your baby will also get the best care from a happy, joyful, and healthy mom!