10 Important Things To Do In The Last Week Of Pregnancy


Are you in the last few weeks of pregnancy before your little bundle of joy comes out to the new world? Getting ready and prepping up things? Are you wondering if you are doing all right things in the last week before you deliver?

There are quite a lot of things that needs to be organized before your D-day. Get to know the most important things that you need to do before your delivery date.


10 Things To Do In The Last Week Of Pregnancy

1. Stock Up Your Refrigerator

Sure you would have friends and family who are kind and thoughtful enough to give you goodies and food after the baby is born. But it doesn’t take much time to stock up the fridge with your favorite sausage roll or lasagna before the arrival. Also, clean up and make a lot of space to toss those frozen food goodies you would be getting from others.

2. Keep The Hospital Bag Ready

Get a paper and pen, check out the list of essentials you would be needing in that hospital bag. Load it up with going home cute outfits for the baby, lots of nursing bras and clothes for you; don’t forget some clothes for your partner as well, toiletries, and any of those important papers that you’ll need.


3. Get Your Home Cleaned

There are a lot of professional cleaners who could help you out. A little scrub all over your house wouldn’t hurt much when you come back home to a neat and organized house later with the newborn. Also, you would be bringing the little one to a sparkling clean environment.

4. Protect Your Mattress

Dread that water breakage, more so when it happens right on your expensive mattress? It’s good to line up a trash sheet between your mattress and the sheet that would protect your mattress from those unexpected water breakage. You can also use waterproof crib sheet to avoid that amniotic fluid all over your mattress. You don’t want to trash your mattress, do you?


5. Keep The Announcement List Ready

If you want to avoid embarrassing looks and questions from friends whom you miss out on announcing the arrival of your baby. Now is the time to get ready with the list of people you would want to announce. Make a small note and add the pic of the baby before sending it out to those on the list.

6. Get Yourself Boy Shorts/Knickers

The super sexy bikini is not gonna match those heavy hospital-size pads that you will be using after delivery. Your bleeding might go on for a few weeks after delivery. Buy the boy-cut style briefs or granny knickers to fit in the heavy pads. Ensure to stock up the heavy-weight pads and make sure it lasts for several weeks.


7. Buy Woolen Breast Pads

Natural, washable breast pads are easier to use than the disposable ones. The woolen ones which are anti-bacterial absorb a lot better. It also resists any odor and you can throw it along with the other laundry.

8. Laundry Time

Wash baby’s outfits and keep it clean of chemicals, dust, and other germs. Newborn baby’s skin is very sensitive, so it’s only good to make them wear clothes that are washed well.


9. Keep The Cameras Charged

Aren’t you waiting to capture those precious moments when you deliver the little wonder? Be prepared to do that by keeping your cameras fully charged. You don’t want to regret later, do you?

10. Check Child/Pet Care

If you have other older kids or a pet to be taken care while you are at the hospital, keep in check with people who will take care informed ahead of time. Keep them posted about the arrangements and give the important phone numbers as well.


All the impatient waiting, watching your body swell up to unbelievable proportions, and grunting while getting up would come to an end very soon. Keep the memories for a lifetime and get ready to take on the new role with full confidence and happiness!