5 Reasons Why It Is Important To Seek Solitude

We live in a competitive world where materialistic possessions are given more value over soulful acquisitions. We are always trying to meet deadlines and targets. We have been made to believe to have a certain kind of life to feel successful. This kind of conditioned thinking is increasingly leaving people with a gaping hole of doubt in them. Youngsters are expected to believe that they must go out drinking every Friday night with a bunch of people they hardly know only to be accepted as ‘cool’ by their peers. But now a lot of youngsters have started questioning this kind of thinking.

Solitude is what has been missing from our modern-day lives. Cultural pundits have started seeing a pattern here. Being a part of a community is essential for humans but seeking solitude to recharge oneself is equally important. Solitude should never be confused with loneliness. Loneliness is a feeling that people experience when they want company and don’t have it, while solitude is a choice that one makes to spend time with oneself. Seeking solitude can be really beneficial. Some of the benefits of seeking solitude are listed below.

1. Reboots Your Brain And Senses

The world we live in can become overwhelming sometimes. The number of people we have to deal with on a daily basis can really take a heavy toll on our senses. And that is exactly why people need to seek solitude more often to recharge themselves. It can give you the ‘me’ time that you require to find your inner peace again. It would help you to clear up all the clutter from your mind and see things with more clarity. Besides the mind, you would also be able to revitalize your body when you seek solitude.

2. Improves Focus And Concentration

A little alone time can help you to focus better and gain more concentration. If you can spend time all by yourself, without any distractions slowing you down, you can get a lot done and a lot faster. It would allow you to focus and introspect more into yourself. Seeking solitude is great especially when you feel overwhelmed with your life and the people in it.

3. Helps You Gain Insight

We lose ourselves when we are overworked and are constantly being influenced by others and their thoughts. So, it is important that sometimes we take a bit of time out to gain some insight into ourselves and the people we have in our lives. We can know about people and their characters not only by being with them, but sometimes by taking a step back and thinking about their actions. And solitude can help us to do that to gain some insight into ourselves and others.

4. Increases Self-Dependence

Most people don’t prefer to be alone because they think that most of our skills come from interacting with people. It is true that we can learn a lot from others. But it is also necessary that we learn to love our own company over all others. When we can seek comfort in ourselves, we can get over the fear of being alone. And thus, we would not settle for just anybody who comes our way. That way we will be able to make more genuine friends in life who would be there for us for all the right reasons.

5. Gives Back Your Power

Our materialism-driven society can convince us to believe that we need a lot of things and we should live in a certain way to be happy like going out to pubs is the thing that can make us happy. And people can buy into such things and go to all extremes just to avoid being alone. But when you learn to enjoy your own company, then social conventions become a choice and not a necessity. This would empower you to choose who you would want to spend your time with because you want to and not because you have to.

So, solitude is a wonderful way of finding oneself which can really change the way you perceive and deal with the world.