Immune Boosting Tips For Kids

Don’t Let ‘Back to School’ Mean ‘Colds and Flu.’ Here are some great immune boosting tips for your kids as they settle back in to the school year.

Imagine protecting your family during the cold and flu season with a quick and tasty shake every morning before school,or in the afternoon when they return from school. Simply add ½ tsp of Proberry 3 Liquid and ½ tsp of ARA 6 powder to juice, fruit, and Protein Blend Powder A, Protein Blend Powder B/AB, or Protein Blend Powder O Right 4 Your Type, and your family has an energy-packed, prevention-fortified drink. Or, for the ultimate in convenience, simply add capsules of Proberry and ARA 6 to each family member’s daily vitamin regimen.


An Ounce Of Prevention

  • Moms know that sending the kids to school often has them coming home with colds. The number one way to prevent colds is to make sure that children wash their hands frequently – germs can live for hours and even days on surfaces. Teaching your children to cough and sneeze into a tissue, throw it away immediately and wash their hands is another good rule for preventing illness.
  • Encouraging them to Eat Right for their blood type is another way to help their bodies build strong immune systems. Serving foods rich in antioxidants, like blueberries, can help to fight free radicals. These berry flavonoids are capable of increasing intracellular levels of vitamin C, maintaining capillary stability, quenching free radicals, maintaining the integrity of collagen, inactivating microbial enzymes and enhancing resistance to infection, and blocking microbial adhesion to cells.
  • Blueberry is only one of three powerful ingredients in Dr. D’Adamo’s exclusive Proberry concentrate blend. Elderberries are a rich source of antioxidants and are a great choice for immune support during the cold and flu season. The syrup is pleasant tasting and a hit with children. Add a teaspoon to water or juice during cold and flu season to ensure that they are getting a fortifying boost of these important antioxidants. Add a teaspoon of Dr. D’Adamo’s ARA 6 Powder for a complete immune boost. ARA 6 is a light, easily blended powder derived from the Western Larch tree, an excellent source of soluble fiber. The primary component of ARA 6 is high-molecular weight polysaccharides capable of up-regulating critical aspects of the immune system.
  • Both of these formulas are also available in convenient capsule form.

Eating On The Run

  • If your teenager ‘eats on the run’ consider trying Dr. D’Adamo’s Unibar in Chocolate Cherry or Blueberry Almond for a healthy protein-rich in-between meal snack. Prepare a great smoothie with a protein boost by blending beneficial fruits and juices with Dr. D’Adamo’s unique Protein Blend Powder A, Protein Blend Powder B/AB, or Protein Blend Powder O. For a veggie boost add a spoonful of Harmonia Deluxe, an exceptional blend of organic nutrients and has the light, crisp taste of freshly picked berries. Our money saving Healthy Blends Pack A, Healthy Blends Pack B, Healthy Blends Pack AB, and Healthy Blends Pack O, contains Harmonia Deluxe, Proberry 3 Liquid, ARA 6 and even a canister of delicious Sip Right Tea just for you! Harmonia, Proberry and ARA 6 are friendly for all blood types – perfect for multi-blood type families.

Kids Vitamins & Minerals- Right For Your Type

  • Children and teens over the age of six can benefit from Exakta – a multi-nutrient blend that contains vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidant support from green tea and four highly concentrated berry-fruit extracts. Exakta was formulated for children, pregnant and nursing mothers and seniors, so it’s easier on the stomach and easier to assimilate. And, it’s right for all types!