The Truth Behind Ice Water And Weight Loss

ice cold water suppresses the appetite

Nothing can beat the refreshment we get from sipping a glassful of ice cold water. But quenching thirst and cooling the body is not the only two things ice cold water can do. It can even suppress your appetite. This statement surely would’ve got some weight-watchers interested.

With an increase in obesity and other lifestyle disorders, people are constantly on the lookout for healthier and simpler ways to shed some pounds. Pre-meal cold water consumption happens to be one of them.


How Ice-Cold Water Supports Weight Loss

drinking cold water before a meal

Several scientific studies have claimed the following reasons why having a glass of ice-cold water can reduce your appetite.


1. It Suppresses Your Appetite

When you drink cold water every time hunger pangs set in, your tendency to eat more diminishes.  One study conducted among middle-aged adults revealed that having at least 2 cups of cold water before a meal resulted in the consumption of smaller amounts of food. This practice when continued daily helped to reduce weight or maintain it due to a cutback in calorie consumption.1

2. It Contributes Zero Calories

A second study proved that people who had cold water during meal times instead of a sugary carbonated drink consumed lesser calories.


3. It Forces Your Body To Burn Calories

Your body requires more calories to raise the temperature of cold water to that of your body. These extra calories being burnt means more energy expenditure. However, you should know that researchers didn’t find any significant impact on weight loss.2

The next time you feel famished, drink a glass of cold water and wait for 15 minutes. You’ll see that your intensity of hunger reduces.


The Downside To Excessive Ice Water Consumption

drinking cold water is bad for health

Regardless of how cool and rejuvenating a glass of ice water is, too much of it can create a whole lot of other issues.

  • It can hinder digestion and lead to constipation.
  • Drinking ice water regularly can mess with your respiratory system as it doesn’t loosen phlegm like hot water does. This causes mucus to build up in the throat and sinuses to remain blocked.
  • Freezing cold water or ice causes “brain freeze” that leaves you squirming in pain particularly in the head and mouth.
  • Ice water slows down the hydration rate of your body. This is because even before the water can be used to replenish your body’s fluid balance, the temperature of the water needs to be raised to body temperature. Unless your body has gone through rigorous physical activity, you shouldn’t be drinking ice water to quench your thirst.

Finally, if you are determined to get back in shape, relying completely upon ice water isn’t the only way to achieve that goal. Weight loss is a gradual process. You can design your lifestyle choices around how to lessen calorie intake by making various dietary and fitness changes. But, adopting a habit of cold water consumption to suppress the appetite is not feasible in the long run.

Ensure that you eat healthily and exercise religiously. The foods you eat should be high in protein, good fats, and antioxidants. It’s also important to stay hydrated during your weight loss journey. Having smaller portions and multiple mini meals a day can give you more control over your appetite. Losing weight is a cumulative process that involves a lot of right decisions in your diet and lifestyle.