6 Hurdles That Can Stop You From Visiting A Physician

Visiting a physician can sometimes take a backseat in your life for many reasons. The urge to procrastinate can arise either from your own hang-ups or from other problems like lack of economic resources, time etc. But you must understand that going to a doctor for a check-up, especially when you feel like you have a problem is a necessity and not a choice.

There are many hurdles that can come in your way when you need to go to the doctor. But it is important for you to remember that hurdles can be overcome if you put your minds to it. So, here is a list of six common hurdles that people face and ways to overcome them.


1. Concerns About Cost

This is one of the bitter truths about many populations of many nations around the world. Lack of health insurance can be a big reason that can stop you from going to the doctor. But it is important to remember that regular check-ups are important, especially as you age. Regular check-ups can detect many diseases and health issues at an early stage and in many cases, it can save lives.1


According to a 2014 Gallup poll, 13% of people in America were still living uninsured.2 People who are uninsured mostly happen to be from low-income groups and hence, usually cannot afford to pay for it. But there are government initiatives that you can take advantage of and use them to get yourself insured. Remember, information is power. So, seek information and know your rights.

2. Finding The Right Physician


One of the reasons why you might procrastinate going to the doctor is if you don’t know a good doctor. And if you have the habit of rushing to the nearest available doctor when things get serious, then know that it might cost you later. So, change your attitude and use all the resources at your disposal to find out more about the doctors available in your area. You can even ask your friends and family to help you decide. Also, this is the age of information. You could go online to different medical portals for recommendations for taking a more informed decision.

This is especially important for middle-aged people as a good doctor can ensure a healthier life. Regular check-ups can help you to avoid many health-related issues later in life.


3. Too Busy For A Check-Up

Sometimes life can come in the path of good health. But that will only happen to you if you put your health at the end of your priority list. You will always have something more important to do in life. However, you need to make time for your health as that is the only way to ensure a long and healthy life. Going to the doctor when you have a problem is a small step in that direction. Let go of your excuses and visit your doctor today, especially if you are having a persistent problem.


4. Fear Can Be Unnerving

If you are gravely afraid of going for a check-up because you fear something is going to happen, then you need a reality check. The only thing your fear does is make you more scared. Remember that your fear can’t make something bad happen if it hasn’t already happened. So, let go of your irrational fears and go see a doctor today.


And if a phobia like claustrophobia or agoraphobia is what is stopping you, then you need to face your fears. If you are unable to get over it, then see a therapist. A check-up is a way to make sure that you have your health and that’s a reality, whereas your fears are in your imagination mind. Don’t let them come in the way.

5. This Too Shall Pass


A large part of the population procrastinates going to the doctor because they hope their disease would magically go away with time. But unfortunately, that hardly ever happens. If you see a weird mole on your body and it is changing over time, then rush to see a doctor today. The only way you can be sure that this will pass is if you take proactive measures to make it go away. Your body is highly capable of taking care of itself, but sometimes medical attention is necessary to enable it to do that faster.

6. Too Embarrassed To Go

Some medical procedures like a prostate exam, colonoscopy, pap smear etc. can be quite invasive and this can be a big deterrent for some people. If procedure related embarrassment is what you are struggling with, then you should talk to your doctor to get some clarity and consolation. It is normal for you to feel this way, but avoiding an entire examination over embarrassment issues is not a wise thing to do. So, talk to your friends and your doctor to help you get over it.

Here are come of the important exams and screenings recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  • Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection
  • Cholesterol
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Immunization Schedules
  • Oral Health for Adults
  • Prostate Cancer Screening
  • Skin Cancer: Basic Information
  • Viral Hepatitis

Talk to your doctor to create an annual health check schedule and set reminders on your calendar or use an app to make sure you keep your appointments. Whatever your reasons are, you must try to overcome them and see a doctor if you are having a physical problem. Make good health your biggest priority to enhance the quality of your life.