6 Foods You And Your Cat Can Share

Human Foods Your Cat Can Eat

Cats tend to be picky eaters, which is why most cat owners stick to packaged pet food. However, most cats do appreciate some variety in their diet. There are many human foods that also happen to be cat-approved. This is good news for you if you’re trying to bond with your kitty over a nice meal (no judgement). Here are six foods that you cat will love as much as you do.

1. Any Kind Of Meat

Cats Can Eat Cooked Beef, Chicken And Deli Meats

Cats are cold-blooded carnivores who will pretty much eat anything that moves. Giving your cat meat is a safe bet because she will love it, plus it’s nutritious. However, always make sure that the meat you give your cat is cooked. Domestic cats have a digestive system that isn’t adapted to eating raw meat. There’s also the chance that raw meat might have harmful bacteria in it. Boil meat like beef, mutton or chicken to give your cat a delicious surprise.

2. Grains

Choose Soft, Small Grains Like Oatmeal And Couscous

Grains like maize, rice and oats make a fibrous, nutritious meal for your cat. Cats like grains when they’re mushy, so they might not be overly enthusiastic about brown rice. Cook grains with chicken broth to make it even tastier for your cat and don’t worry about overcooking. With your cat, it’s the softer the better. You can also feed your cat foxtail millet and couscous because they find it easier to eat small grains.

3. Fish

Feed Them Cooked Fish Like Tuna And Mackerel

Cats and fish are just about the best pairing that could ever happen. They aren’t too picky about the kind of fish they’re eating, as long as it lives underwater, it’s good enough for them. However, tuna is extremely popular for cats because it has very few bones. Cats, to some extent, can eat up fish bones, but there’s always the danger of it getting lodged in their throat. Always boil fish before you feed it to your cat because raw fish could give them indigestion or food poisoning.

4. Eggs

Your cat needs all the protein she can get. Cat food always has a high percentage of protein, but it’s always good to get it from a variety of sources. Cats love eggs and because of the high quality protein in them, eggs love them right back. Always make sure you cook your eggs before feeding them to your cat. On top of being hard to digest, raw eggs also might contain salmonella which is dangerous for cats and humans alike.

5. Certain Vegetables

Lightly Steamed Vegetables Are Full Of Fiber

We have to warn you, most cats really don’t like vegetables. Cats are carnivorous, so a plate of vegetables is revolting to them. However, vegetables do have important vitamins and fiber in them which makes them nutritious for cats. If you notice your cat eating houseplants often, it might be because she needs more fiber in her diet. If you’re lucky, your cat might be a total weirdo and actually like eating vegetables. For most cats though, it’s easier to disguise bits of vegetables in meat and let your cat eat it. Steamed broccoli and asparagus are very good for cats, so chop them into tiny bits and mix it up with fish and oatmeal.

6. Yogurt

 Yogurt Is Easier To Digest Than Milk

Cats are often given saucers of milk by their well-meaning owners, but this might not be the best idea. Despite cats loving milk, the truth is, their body can’t digest it. But this doesn’t mean giving up on dairy completely. Yogurt is a safer alternative for cats because it’s ‘pre-digested’ in a way. The fermentation process breaks up lactose in yogurt, making it easier on your cats stomach. You could also give her bits of cheese once in awhile as a treat, because it’s better than her drinking milk straight-up.