How You Can Get The Benefits Of Meditation?

Did you know that meditation is not just for relaxing or releasing tension – it’s been shown to actually be life-changing? It improves our mental abilities, strengthens our immune function, and helps us become more empathetic. But many people find it difficult (if not impossible) to do — so, they give up because of the usual complaints – a chatty mind, not enough time, or that it’s boring.

I know this from personal experience. That’s why I was inspired to develop a new technique that could help everyone access that sweet spot of relief and inspiration. Why is SOS meditation reinvented? It’s because it works – even if the mind isn’t still, and works in only minutes.


People who’ve never meditated or had difficulties meditating, report an ability to deeply relax, access clarity, and a newfound enthusiasm for life. The SOS method is a comprehensive mindfulness technique that incorporates the latest scientific discoveries along with the Eastern holistic knowledge that dates back to millennia.

How Meditation Reduces Stress And Illness

Meditation Reduces Stress And Illness


There are extensive bodies of knowledge in Japan, China, and India that have long recognized how stress develops a blockage in our cells. When this stress is released or diminished, our body’s natural capacity for self-healing is restored.

Similar to these widely recognized holistic traditions, mindfulness meditation has also been effective in providing stress relief and building resilience. In fact, one large-scale review of 47 different studies showed that meditation can also help with anxiety, depression, and pain.


How Meditation Diminishes Depression And Anxiety

Meditation Diminishes Depression And Anxiety

Many people carry a predisposition to anger, anxiety, or depression that’s due to generational stress. In other words, stress or trauma can be passed forward – causing an imbalance in a person’s body chemistry.


This landmark science is known as Epigenetics, and it shows that changes in gene expression can actually be caused by influences other than the underlying DNA sequence. Previously, the DNA sequence was thought to be written in stone — a final determiner of an individual’s traits. But epigenetics has shown that environmental factors such as war, famine, and addiction can translate into symptoms that trigger the epigenome for generations.

SOS method activates the natural healing potential in the mind and body which helps to diminish the lasting effects of trauma, thereby, alleviating these issues.


How Meditation Helps You Find Peace Of Mind And Calmness

Meditation Helps You Find Peace Of Mind And Calmness

Brain scans show that meditation shifts activity in the prefrontal cortex (behind the forehead) from the right hemisphere to the left. People who are left-prefrontal oriented have more enthusiasm, are more relaxed, and tend to be happier.


Out of 100, 96.5% of people report feeling more calm, relaxed, and peaceful after only 5 minutes of listening to an SOS meditation. While it’s always nice to spend more time in the healing environment of deep relaxation – it’s helpful to know that in today’s busy world, there are techniques that can help us get there more rapidly.

How Meditation Increases Creativity

Meditation Increases Creativity


Neuroplasticity is a fascinating new area of science that proves our brain can change for the better. Essentially, neuroplasticity shows that neural patterns (previously thought to be fixed) can actually be altered, leading to a changed behavior.

In other words, we are not doomed to repeat the same negative patterns throughout life. These habits can change. The key to altering these neural pathways is through changed thought patterns.

Chronic stress locks the brain into automatic response mode, causing the same unproductive actions year after year. Meditation influences our brain physiology; when neural connections are strengthened that support more positive thoughts and behavior – old patterns diminish. A consistent meditation practice helps develop greater mental focus, creativity, and the ability to access inspired solutions.

How Meditation Improves Relationships And Self-Esteem

Meditation Improves Relationships And Self-Esteem

Hope breathes fresh air into all challenges, from the smallest issue to the largest crisis. It assists in releasing shame, blame, and anger.

Another widely reported benefit from SOS method is increased hope and optimism. This opens new doorways for more honest and heartfelt communication, which transforms our relationships and helps us approach life with a different perspective – more positive and hopeful.