How Yoga Can Help Millennials In Solving Problems

Millennials are the future. There has been a lot of negative talks about this generation. Like any other generation before them, they have their problems. They are the first generation to not know what life is like without social media. This is creating a generation that is more withdrawn and unaware that sometimes in life, it’s the slow progression that makes the greatest impact. Millennials were brought up in a nurturing parenting environment. They were told that they could have whatever they want, they were given participation awards for coming in the last place.

They do feel isolated and they are shocked when they’re faced with the real world. They don’t have the tools to be a nice addition to a workplace. While they might be bright, they lack the work ethic needed to support other team members. Their relationships are in shambles due to the handy dating apps that don’t support meaningful relationships in people’s lives. Yoga can help with many of the problems that millennials are facing. The loneliness, the insecurity, the inability to open up to others, and the anxiety that occurs when there is no solid footing.


The Relaxation Of Yoga To Stave Off Anxiety

Child's Pose Create Strength To Stave Off Anxiety

Anxiety prevents you from trying to achieve what you want in life. Not only do you not have the tools but if you tried to figure out how to act differently, a fear would boil up inside your body. What you should know is that anxiety comes from the fight-or-flight response. Your brain perceives things as dangerous when it hasn’t previously experienced something. This is why even the simplest of things can create an emotional storm in the body.


Yoga can help you immediately relax through deep breathing exercises. Even if you just breathe in deeply, hold your breath for as long as possible, and then release it slowly, you will notice a difference.

Yoga postures that can help create strength in you during uncertain moments include Child’s Pose. This helps you to feel safe and when you sit in this posture for 11 minutes, it’s equivalent to 4 hours of sleep. Poses that squeeze the liver will help to release old emotions that live in the area, which will help relax you even further.


Yoga To Help Millennials Succeed In Their Career

Pigeon Pose Provides Patience And Warrior Pose Boosts Confidence

You thought you could change the world and you thought you could do it lightning fast. The truth is you won’t be significant immediately until you prove your significance. While you’re working your way up in the real world, yoga can help you find the patience within yourself.


In the meantime, yoga can help you harness patience. It will allow you to center yourself so you can learn to just live in the moment. Longer poses will be additionally helpful.

  • A deep pose that stretches the hips like Pigeon Pose can help you relax and teach you to remain in one spot.
  • If you’re lacking confidence to add in your own ideas, a helpful pose for this is Warrior Pose. Finding your own muscular and inner strength in this pose can prepare you for challenging situations in the workplace.

Yoga To Aid In Millennial Depression

Downward Dog Pose Combats Fatigue And Jitters


When you were brought up, you probably had the idea that the world was your oyster. The problem is, nobody guided you in how to get to the said “oyster.” The harsh reality of the real world when you go out on your own can cause a deep depression. This is a long, slow process of learning and developing. Companies that last will adopt practices for the long-term. This is not how your mind works but through dedication, it can. You can make the difference you want in your life and in your workplace.

Yoga is a self-soothing practice that nurtures you and this has been proven based on a Harvard Medical study.1 When you trust yourself, you can trust your instincts. This allows you to put your heart out there and begin to feel the oneness in the universe. It’s always been there, you maybe just weren’t open to it. When your relationships have been based on communication online, there is a lack of depth. It’s not your fault.


You can allow yoga to heal the loneliness and uneasiness you feel. Make it a daily routine to do Downward Dog a few times a day. It combats fatigue while getting rid of the jitters. It relaxes you while energizing you at the same time. You also get your head over your heart which gives you heart benefits.

In general, yoga is going to help you look within yourself, so you can come to terms with the core reasons you feel sad or anxious. The feeling of being within your tribe, as explained by Simon Sinek, is missed. There’s a disconnect between millennials. You probably have more friends and acquaintances than other generations have had in the past. Those online friends don’t have your back though. If you feel separate from others, yoga can be a great benefit to you. It can take away the confusion of your destiny and teach you to relax within yourself.