Vitamin C: A Healing Nutrient That Can Transform Your Life

You probably know vitamin C for its immune-boosting benefits. Come flu season, everyone becomes obsessed with it! The vitamin, also known as ascorbic acid, is often used to ward off germs and shorten colds. But like other nutrients, vitamin C’s claim to fame doesn’t stop there.

This isn’t just something you find in orange juice and lemons. Vitamin C is like medicine, holding the power to heal and prevent chronic diseases. Why take a pill when it’s possible to manage conditions through diet? But the healing won’t happen overnight. While it’s not common to be seriously deficient in vitamin C, many people don’t get enough. Avoiding low levels is definitely a wise move. So, here’s what vitamin C, the healing nutrient of nature, can do for you.1


1. Combats Oxidative Stress

Vitamin C being a powerful antioxidant prevents oxidative stress

From cancer to heart disease, many conditions can be traced back to oxidative stress. This process happens when free radicals attack cells, causing damage that’s significant enough to cause problems. Needless to say, something needs to take care of those free radicals! That’s where nutrients like vitamin C come in.2


As an antioxidant, vitamin C can find and destroy free radicals. It’s considered to be the first line of defense as it protects other antioxidants and healthy cells. In fact, out of all the antioxidants, lacking vitamin C will create the most vulnerable environment for oxidative stress.3 4

2. Regulates Inflammation

Vitamin C reduces inflammation


Like oxidative stress, inflammation is behind the development of countless chronic diseases. It’s also thought to be the reason why the body changes so much with age. Luckily, the antioxidant activities of vitamin C also mediate inflammation, giving you a double dose of protection.5 6

3. Improves Immune Function

Vitamin C increases white blood cell count


There’s a reason why vitamin C is your immune system’s best friend. The nutrient enhances phagocytes, a type of cell that “eats” bacteria and foreign particles. It even increases cell movement, kills microbes, and spreads white blood cells by regulating genes. Without enough vitamin C, the susceptibility to infection will skyrocket.

So the next time you’re fighting an infection, don’t underestimate the power of this nutrient. Supplementation has been found to prevent and cure systemic and respiratory infections.7


4. Supports Heart Health

Vitamin C supports heart health

Typically, vitamin C isn’t associated with heart health. But when it helps make blood vessels, it’s definitely worth noting! Free radicals also play a role in heart disease, giving the antioxidative properties of vitamin C a chance to shine. It even inhibits the oxidation of “bad” LDL cholesterol, improves arterial stiffness, and benefits endothelial function. These benefits should be kept in mind, considering heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women.8 9 10


5. Prevents Achy Bones

Vitamin C prevents bone pain

Bone health goes beyond calcium or vitamin D. By controlling both oxidative stress and inflammation, vitamin C will lend a hand. After all, it’s a cofactor for collagen, a protein needed to make strong bones and ligaments. Low levels can then lead to poor quality collagen and pain.11


6. Reduces Muscle Damage

Vitamin C reduces muscle damage

Did you think muscle only needed protein? Think again. During exercise, increased oxygen intake brings on inflammation and oxidative stress. Supplementing with vitamin C will fight both these processes, helping muscle heal and repair in the process.12

7. Promotes Wound Recovery

Vitamin C helps recovery of wounds

In order to heal properly, a wound needs adequate vitamin C. Remember, it’s an essential co-factor for collagen, the structural protein of tissues like skin! Vitamin C will also work its magic by forming scar tissue, strengthening the inner layers, and nourishing the epidermis.13

Sources Of Vitami

Vitamin C can be taken as capsules and tinctures. To include more vitamin C in your diet, eat more of these whole foods.14

  • Orange juice
  • Grapefruit juice
  • Kiwifruit
  • Strawberries
  • Broccoli
  • Tomato
  • Sweet red pepper

The miracle nutrient vitamin C has a whole host of health benefits that can change your life for the better. Find ways to include it in your diet and stay healthy.