How To Use Feng Shui In Your Home For Better Balance

You’re sure to have heard of feng shui. But did you know that actually incorporating it could bring more balance and positivity in your life? This Chinese art is said to harmonize people with their environment. It suggests that your living space represents and reflects the kind of life you lead. So, if you intend on having better balance in your life, bring more balance into your home. These simple steps can help you use feng shui to bring balance and good energy into your home and life.

7 Steps For Better Balance With Feng Shui

1. Keep The Front Door Open

Keep Your Front Door Open And Allow Energy To Enter


As per feng shui, energy is said to enter through the front door. So, open the front door when you start your day. Avoid blocking the entrance to your home with shoes, coats, and hats, and let it be free to allow good energy to fill your home.

Placing some form of the color red on or around your front door is said to bring more energy, fortune, and luck.


2. Let Light And Nature Fill Your Home

Allow Natural Light Into Your Home And Keep Plants Near It

Keep the doors and windows of your home open as much as you can, allowing as much natural light inside as possible. This will let energy flow in naturally. You could also light up your home with pleasant full-spectrum lights.


Keep some plants inside to brighten up your home. Place them close to the windows where they can get enough sunlight and air. Plants around you will ease any anxiety you have and make you feel happy. You could also put up paintings of nature on your wall to increase pleasant feelings and good energy in your home.

3. Allow The Good Energy To Stay In Your Home

Prevent Energy From Escaping Your Home With Furniture And Rugs


There’s no point if you allow positive energy to enter but let it flow right through and out of your home. If you want energy, or “chi,” to stay, give it a path that allows it to flow through your entire home. Achieving this is as simple as placing furniture or rugs in places where the chi might escape.

4. Declutter

Clear Out Any Mess In Your House For Balance


To allow positive energy to fill your home, make space for it by clearing out any mess. Decluttering can go a long way and is bound to make you feel great. Decide on places for things, and ensure that they go back to their respective spots when moved around. Keep the things you would use on a daily basis around you, and do away with those that you haven’t used in a while and won’t most likely use.

5. Incorporate The 5 Elements Into Your Home

Place Objects Representing Water, Fire, Earth, Metal, And Wood In Your Home


Bringing the 5 elements of feng shui – water, fire, earth, wood, and metal – into your home can bring a great deal of positivity into your life. Wondering how to do this? It’s simple. You can either use physical objects representing the elements or colors that represent them.

You could use a fish bowl for water, a plant for wood, burning candles for fire, clay pots for earth, any object made of iron for metal. If you intend on using colors, use black for water, green for wood, red for fire, brown for earth, and white for metal.


Incorporating all 5 elements in your home is said to bring each of their powers to life.

6. Put Mirrors In The Right Places

Ensure That Your Mirrors Reflect Pleasant Things

Mirrors reflect everything, including energy. So, it’s important to put them in places where they reflect pleasant things, increasing good energy. It’s not pleasant when mirrors reflect negative objects like trash. Instead, let them reflect positive things like plants.

Placing mirrors in your bedroom may not be a great idea either because this is said to prevent you from getting good sleep.

7. Give Your Bedroom A Relaxing Look And Feel

Use Fluffy Pillows And Comfortable Fabrics In Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should make you want to rest and help you feel at peace. Use soft and comfortable fabrics for your blankets and choose fluffy pillows. Avoid keeping objects under your bed; they are likely to prevent you from getting peaceful sleep.

Try these simple steps, and notice that the way your house looks will make a difference to the way you feel.