4 Tips To Get Kids Meditate

I just want to share my supermom tools which I use. I believe every mom should have some to make the job easier in raising children.

You have spent a lot of time getting your child ready to go out into the world. You know it is hard to just let go when there are bullying, drugs, and violence out there. You know they may even get into peer pressure and do something against their own best judgment. How can we set them up for success when these situations come along?


Well, you can help them make better decisions by having control over their thoughts and emotions, and really listen to that inner voice. You know very well from your inner voice when your child needs you. Most often people laugh and say a ‘mom’ just knows.

It is the same voice, but they have one too that tells them what is wrong and what is right. You have to work with your child to constantly stay connected to this voice because that will help your child make clear decisions. After all, I am sure your greatest wish is for your child to grow up happy, safe, and healthy.


Meditation can help with clarity and decision making. It can also help them when they feel stressed or anxious. Mediation gives control over the emotions, decisions, and reactions. In fact, it will make them feel happier and become more confident. They become pretty good decision makers because they trust themselves more and are less influenced by peer pressure.

4 Tips To Get Started

1. Lead The Way

Lead The Way: 4 Tips To Get Kids Meditate


Learn to lead the way by practicing meditation or conscious breathing yourself. Children usually watch and learn from us without our knowledge. They pick up every action and words as part of learning.

Invite them to come to your special spot you setup. Children love spending time with you that is all they really want. When you are in the special place make it quiet, cozy, and inviting. Play soft music and get them to join in the belly breathe with you.


This is how it goes:

  • Close your eyes, put both hands on your belly.
  • Take a deep breath in through your nose and feel your belly push out like a balloon.
  • Exhale through your mouth with a soft haaaa and watch your balloon in your be belly go pop.
  • Do this for 3 to 5 rounds.
  • With eyes still closed, just breathe normal, feeling your breath go in and out of your nose.

2. Dedicated Quiet Times

Quiet Times: 4 Tips To Get Kids Meditate


Take away the video games and TV. Quiet time is just to be quiet; no homework, nothing to do. They can use this time to read, be creative but in a quiet way. There are so many distractions nowadays for kids that they can become overwhelmed and burnt out. They need to learn to just be, it is an important skill for now and when they grow.

3. Add It To Their Bedtime Routine

Yoga Nidra: 4 Tips To Get Kids Meditate


Yoga Nidra or body scan is great to guide your child through. You might fall asleep too, just warning!

You can guide them to bring attention to their right foot, and say your toes are relaxed, your foot is relaxed, and your calf is sinking into the bed and so on. You do each side; be creative and have fun. Your belly is soft and so warm, your eyes are heavy, your mind is sleepy, etc …


4. Create A Special Place In Their Room

Special Place: 4 Tips To Get Kids Meditate

You can help your child pick a spot in their room that is dedicated to quiet time, and breathing time. They can pick out all their favorite items that make them feel good – a big pillow, a favorite blanket, a battery candle, some nice fragrance. Get them involved and you guide them. They will love their space.

Start when they are young, they will love you for it. The choices get hard when they grow up.