7 Easy Tips To Help Soothe Your Fussy Newborn

Hearing your baby cry for the first time is an unforgettable experience. After the long nine months wait, when the baby is finally here, all you want to do is hold your crying baby and adore her endlessly. As time passes, you get used to her cries and coos which then becomes a daily routine. However, sometimes, your newborn gets all cranky and inconsolable in spite of your efforts to soothe her. This might also make you doubt your parenting skills.

Identifying the underlying cause will help you calm your little one faster. The baby gets fussy when she is hungry, seeks a change of environment, needs to move, is tired, wants a diaper change, is lonely, and when she has a gastrointestinal issue – which in most cases is colic. While addressing the needs is the quickest solution, trying out the below things will help you soothe your fussy bundle of joy faster.


How To Soothe A Fussy Newborn

1. Swaddle

Swaddle To Soothe A Fussy Newborn

Swaddle your baby in a thin large blanket with her arms crossed across her chest. This has an instant calming effect. Swaddling gives her a secured feeling which ensures sound and longer sleep.


In the case of premature babies, trying kangaroo care technique helps. The technique involves skin to skin contact between the baby and you while you both are being covered under a thin blanket.

2. Rock And Swing

Rock And Swing To Soothe A Fussy Newborn


Rhythmic motions have a soothing effect on your baby. When fussy, hold her in your arms and gently rock the baby back and forth. You can also walk in a non-bumpy way that will give her just the right movement required to calm down.

If you get tired, put her in a swing or a crib. As babies are in a swinging motion when in the womb, putting them in a crib makes them less fussy and induces sleep within no time. Some babies, however, do like to lay calmly on a stationary crib. Recognising the pattern while understanding her needs is important.


3. Use Relaxing Sounds

Use Relaxing Sounds To Soothe A Fussy Newborn

Your baby was familiar with various sounds when in the uterus. Be it your heart beat, the blood rushing past the uterus, or the churning of your stomach. Exposing her to constant and relaxing sounds will calm the fussy baby down. Shushing is one of the proven techniques, where the “shush” sound you make near your baby’s ears can put her to sleep in no time. It also ensures sound sleep for a longer time.


Some mothers also turn on the fan or a vacuum cleaner to produce a rhythmic sound. The recordings of a waterfall, sea, or any source of flowing water have a soothing effect.

4. Change The Position

Change The Position To Soothe A Fussy Newborn


Your little one didn’t lay flat when in the womb. When made to rest on her back for a long time, your baby might get fussy or might have a fear of falling. Gently hold her such that she lays on her side or stomach, which calms her eventually. Also, holding her in the same position for a long time makes her cranky. Change the positions often, but make sure the position is comfortable for the baby always.

5. Get Rid Of The Gas

Get Rid Of The Gas To Soothe A Fussy Newborn


The baby’s digestive system is not equipped to digest everything easily and gas is a side effect. Help your baby get rid of the gas by laying her on your knees and gently rubbing the back. You can also gently bicycle her legs while she lays on her back.

Colic is another reason your baby is crying inconsolably. It some babies, it happens around once in three weeks, when they cry continuously for a stretch of 3 to 4 hours. In this case, if you are nursing, revisit your diet chart and see if there is any food you are eating that is impacting the baby negatively. It is always good to avoid spicy and oily foods and vegetables like onion and cabbage.

6. Use A Pacifier

Use A Pacifier To Soothe A Fussy Newborn

If your baby doesn’t calm down after you have tried feeding her, use a pacifier. It helps her have a constant sucking motion, which calms her gradually. It also avoids the chances of overfeeding her, which give rise to another set of problems.

7. Massage

Massage To Soothe A Fussy Newborn

Massage acts as a wonder when your baby is being consistently cranky. Dim the lights of the room, play a soothing music, and massage your little one for about 10 to 15 minutes. The calming and gentle motions will soothe the baby. Make sure the surroundings do not stimulate the baby and wake her up again.

Trying a mix and match of these techniques will help, since each baby is different. Get the help from the father when needed, as it not only helps soothe the baby but also develops a strong baby-father bond. If the baby is being cranky for more than 4 hours, seek the help of a doctor.