How To Make A Decision Through Meditation.

How to Make a Decision through Meditation.

 Is it possible to make a decision through meditation?

Not only is it possible, it’s essential!

Meditation allows us to tap into the intuitive side of our brain and get in touch how big decisions will affect us long term.

If you have a big decision that impacts various areas of your life, you don’t want to just rely on pro-con lists and advice from others.

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How to Make a Decision through Meditation Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Brett Larkin. In this video today, we’re talking about how to make a decision and why so often the three main things people tell you about what to do in making a decision like making a pro-con list or asking advice from friends and family are actually the wrong thing to do.

Let’s start with number one.

Why pro-con list don’t work?

Pro-con list work well if you’re making an analytical decision. For example, to decide what e-mail service provider to use, but when you’re making a deep, big, important decision about your life, pro-con list fail you. Here’s why– pro-con list activate only that analytical, logical part of our mind. Unfortunately, our analytical brain often isn’t great and anticipating how something’s actually going to play out with all the complexities and emotions and things that can go wrong in the future. Pro-con List can give you an accurate timestamp of how your logical mind feels about the

decision right now, but it’s not going to really get you connected with what is going to be like to live that decision moment to moment, day to day.

Number two:

Asking friends and family for advice.

They know you better than anyone. It seems like a great idea, right?


Your family wants what’s best for you, but they are always going to talk to you conditioned from their own set of fears and insecurity. Same thing goes for your friends.

Let’s look at a practical example of this. You’re considering living your high-paying job to take a very low paying job being a kite surfing instructor which is your passion. Friends who’ve been conditioned or have fear– survival mechanism about money will likely be concerned about you not making enough money and want you to stay in your current job. People who’ve been successful taking risk in the past will feel comfortable telling you to quit the job. Both perspectives are valid, it’s just that neither or really about you so the best advice any other person can ever really give you is just

to say, “Listen to yourself.

Asking for advice is a fabulous way to connect with your love ones and your family. I’m not saying, “Don’t go there.” My suggestion is to turn advice getting into a very active listening session where you try to pick up on what people are afraid about for you and what stories they might be telling themselves because it’s likely that you might have the same fears and stories.


To sum it up:

Throw away the pro-con list for big life changing decisions and save it for figuring out what accounting is offering to use. Two, use advice time with friends and family as an opportunity to observe both their conditioning and patterning and fears as well as your own because they’re most likely similar. The more elevation you can get from your stories about the decision, the better place you’ll be in.

If you’re wondering what to do instead of a pro-con list, I’m here to tell you, meditate!

The pro-con list is going to use the left analytical side of your brain. When you meditate you use the

right more subjective, intuitive, emotional side of the brain. That’s the side you want to tap into when making a big decision.


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