Six Pointers To Lead A Happier Lifestyle

If you’ve lived an entire lifetime not having wondered what happiness is even once, then perhaps you have lived a truly happy life. Most philosophers, psychologists, and pretty much every person out in the world would have pondered over what it means to be happy at some point of time. Happiness is an extremely subjective experience and therefore one cannot claim to have the answer to what it exactly is or how to obtain it for that matter. What we can do however, is attempt to figure it out as best as we can. If you’re wondering what you can do to lead a happier lifestyle check out these six pointers.

1. Understanding What Happiness Means To You

What happiness is to one person may not be what it is to another. It is therefore essential to understand what happiness means to you personally. This understanding may not come easily and may require exploration, learning new things, and most importantly spending quality time

with yourself. Most of us live extremely fast paced lives and we haven’t spent much time in reflection or in getting to know ourselves. When we take time off from trivialities of the world and figure out our values and beliefs, we will begin to understand what  makes us truly happy.

2. Having An Optimistic Outlook

Positive thinking can drastically change the way to see and perceive the world. Studies have found that thinking positively releases chemicals in the brain that causes a reduction is stress and anxiety. It decreases cortisol levels and increases serotonin production which also allows your brain to function with higher productivity. Apart from this, studies have found that people are generally drawn towards positive people. This encourages the formation of healthy relationships which also impact our lifestyle positively.

3. Being Physically Active

With the advent of the fast food culture, millennials

seem to be eating more junk and are becoming less physically active. Studies have found that people who are more active lead more fulfilling lives.This may be due to the fact that when we exercise, our bodies release endorphins which can act as a major stress buster. Apart from this, people who are active physically tend to feel better about their bodies and a positive body image can go a long way in leading a more content lifestyle.

4. Focus On The Small Things

Most of us associate happiness with big accomplishments like buying an expensive car or a new house. These pleasures of life do make us feel good but we don’t necessarily have to have these things to be happy. We have to learn how to value and appreciate the smaller things that life has to offer. For example, these smaller joys could include the contentment that comes from performing small acts of kindness or generosity or from watching children play.

They are often more satisfying than the things that money can buy.

5. Re-evaluate Expectations

We grow up expecting a lot from life. Sometimes the expectations we set on ourselves or on the people around us tend to be highly unrealistic. This can lead to severe disappointment and a lack of satisfaction in our lives. Most of us need to realize that only some things are in our control. This means we have to learn to let go of the things we have tightly held onto and this process can be painful for many. But once we have done so, living life becomes a more joyful experience.

6. Taking Responsibility For One’s Own Happiness

No one is responsible for your happiness except for you. This means that one should not depend on people or other external conditions for their happiness. We can share our happiness with

our partners but they should not be the sole reason for our happiness. We must instead try to find happiness from within ourselves. Because at the end of the day, we’re all we’ve got.