How To Get Kids To Eat Better

how to get kids to eat
how to get kids to eat

As a parent, your kid’s health is the top priority. It’s up to you to make sure they eat a diet full of fruits, veggies, and whole grains. But when you have a picky eater, what should you do? They can’t live off of candy and cake! You’ll need a creative approach to help them eat better.

9 Ways To Help Your Kid Eat Better

Here are nine ways you can get kids to eat healthily.

1. Get Them Involved

Kids are more likely to eat something that they made themselves. Ask for their help with simple tasks like mixing and mashing. It doubles as a fun family activity, too.

how to get kids to eat better

2. Mention A Hero

Does your child idolize a basketball player? Worship a pop star? Talk about how this person loves a fruit or veggie. Don’t overdo it, though – kids are smart! Use this tactic sparingly for best results.

how to get kids
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3. Give It A Name

Make food fun by assigning creative names. Your kids will love eating “dinosaur trees” (broccoli) and “X-ray carrots.” The cooler the name, the better.

how to get kids to eat better

4. Mix It Up

Adding kid-friendly ingredients to healthy foods can make them more appealing. For example, drizzle fruits with chocolate to sweeten things up. You can also add seltzer water to fruit juice for a fizzy drink.

how to get kids to eat better

5. Use Fun Kitchenware

From polka dot plates to twisty straws, kitchenware can make eating fun. For best results, choose items that speak to your child’s age, personality, and interests.

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6. Get Creative

Use cookie cutters to cut out toast or pancakes. Turn waffles into smiley faces with pieces of fruit. You can even create animal faces or fun scenes on a plate. This is your excuse to play with food!

how to get kids to eat better

7. Make Ice Pops

Thanks to ice pop molds, you can turn a healthy smoothie or juice into a frozen treat. Boost the flavor with chunks of fruit or dark chocolate. Even yogurt can be made into an ice pop.

how to get kids to eat better

8. Serve Healthy Alternatives

Vegan techniques are great for making healthy substitutions. Try whipping up tasty treats like banana ice cream, avocado fudge, and almond milk hot chocolate.

how to get kids to eat better

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9. Go To The Farm

Do you live near an orchard or farm? Bring your kids for a day of fruit or vegetable picking. They’ll get to learn where their food comes from, making them appreciate it even more.

how to get kids to eat better

Remember, it’s never too early to start good eating habits. The things they do today will stay with them through life. It’s up to you to help guide them in the right direction!