6 Easy Ways To Find Time To Workout Every Day

Working out can be fitted into your busy schedule

We all know that exercise is immensely beneficial to us. Exercising regularly can reduce your risk of heart disease by up to 50 percent and actually reduce the risk of untimely death by 30 percent. If that isn’t a chance worth taking, we don’t know what is. And yet, we are all more willing to see a doctor and spend money on medication but have a certain amount of resistance to working out. The most common reason that comes to mind is that we do not have the time to exercise.

However, the good news is that exercising does not have to be a chore in itself, and finding time to work out is easier than you think. Here are six ways to find time for that long pending workout. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor, what with a reduced risk of chronic disease and depression, a lesser probability of developing cancer, and just the wonderful feeling you get after a workout.1


Best Ways To Find Time For A Workout

1. Delegate Your Everyday Tasks

Delegate your workload so you have more time

Hire someone to do some of the work you usually do. If you work within a team, find a way to not take on too much and only do as much as you can in a standard workday. At home, look for home-cooked meal delivery options or make one-pot dishes that can be cooked in a jiffy. Get your family involved in the chores and delegate tasks based on age and capability. This way, you will have some time left on hand to start the day, not in a mad rush, but with a good, healthy workout.2 Think of it as an investment in yourself. After all, only if you are healthy can you run the world the way you do!


2. Make Lifestyle Changes

Make small tweaks to your lifestyle for some physical activity

Stop using the elevator and climb a few staircases instead. Stop using your car to run the smallest of errands. Walk as much as you can. Consider cycling to and from work if it isn’t too far off.3 All of these are very small changes that you can start making today. Even the simple act of walking to the printer and not expecting someone else to do it for you gives you five solid minutes of exercise.


3. A Work Gym

A gym in the office can be very helpful

If your workplace has such a policy, push for the establishment of a gym or a workout room at your office. This way, more people can benefit from breaks without having to travel all the way to a gym. You can also set up a home gym and have people from the community use it for a small fee. This way, you also save on costs and have access to a gym right at home.


4. Get Creative With Your Plans

Change up your plans to be more creative

Why does a date always have to be at a coffee shop or a visit to the movies? Get creative with the plans you make. Try hiking to trails near your city. Trekking and mountain biking are other options to consider.4 By turning your workout into something fun, you won’t ever have to dread doing it, especially over the lazy weekends. With the right company, even exercise can be a lot of fun.


5. Utilize Technology More

Use the available luxury of technology

Today, apps and gadgets galore help you make a habit and stick to it. Several apps are available to help you exercise and also measure the amount of impact you are making. Likewise, exercise trackers can help you measure your own progress and push further.5 If water sports are your favorite activity, be sure to get a tracker that is waterproof! In general, any device that helps you stay true to your habit is good company. You can even use your smartphone to listen to music or catch up on the news while you go for a jog.


6. Have A Specific Goal

Decide on a specific goal to keep you motivated

This is a generic perspective that covers all of the other topics. Your physical fitness goal can be anything, from running the next marathon to losing a few pounds. Define that goal clearly. Which marathon do you wish to run? How many pounds do you wish to lose and in what time period? Having a clear goal helps you work toward it with greater focus.


Once you know your goal, you will feel motivated to work toward it, a little bit each day. The best way to make exercise a habit and not a choice is to do it every day, and having a goal with help you turn working out into a habit.