How To Brighten Up Your Home With Dried Flowers

Placing fresh flowers in the house is common. They smell nice, look fresh, and are considered good Feng Shui. Don’t dry flowers look great too? Isn’t it an amazing way to retain them for a longer time?

Aromatic flowers like roses and lavenders are very attractive when fresh, but equally or more appealing when dried. Flowers can be dried and placed in a vase, used to make potpourri or wreaths, or even pressed and used for decoration.

All You Need To Know About Dried Flowers For Your Home

For all the flower lovers, here’s everything you need to know about dried flowers for your home:

1. Are Dried Flowers Bad Feng Shui?

dried flowers are bad feng shui

Dried flowers are not considered to be good Feng Shui because they no longer contain vital life energy.1 According to Feng Shui, they are thought to be giving out

‘death energy’ and considered unlucky because their chi is dried up. Dried flowers are reminders of death, that can affect negatively affect your emotions. Keeping them in a crystal bowl or vase can neutralize the negative energy as crystal is considered good Feng Shui.2

Despite these beliefs, many people feel that the fragrance and appearance of dried flowers outweigh their negative aspects. If you love dried flowers, your positivity towards the flowers can decrease the negative effect of dried flowers in the house. Flowers given by someone special can be difficult to throw away. Drying them in the right way and placing them in your house can make you feel good. When you have an emotional connection with the flowers, even though they are lifeless, it can bring in positive energy.3

Fresh flowers may look great, making your house look beautiful, and giving out positive energy, but even dried flowers can look equally good and enhance the appearance of your house, without looking decayed, if taken care of

by keeping them free from dust and direct sunlight.

2. Best Dried Flowers To Keep In Your Home

flowers you can dry

Here’s a list of dried flowers that can enhance the beauty of your house:

  • Lavender
  • Roses
  • Larkspur
  • Poppy seed heads
  • Starflower
  • Yarrow
  • Strawflower
  • Mealy sage
  • Lunaria

3. How To Dry Flowers

ways to dry flowers

  • Air Drying: It is a slow but simple method to dry the flowers. Make small bunches of the flower stems and secure the ends tightly using rubber bands. Hang these bunches upside down and far from each other. The flowers are hung upside down so that the weight of the flowers doesn’t bend the stems. Also, ensure that they are not exposed to direct sunlight, as that will fade the natural color of the flowers. The ideal conditions are low humidity and sufficient air circulation.
  • Using Silica Gel: Although using silica gel is a faster process, this process is easier to use for
    flower heads or flower with a short stem. To dry flowers using silica gel, spread a layer of silica gel in a wide container and place the flowers in it. Cover the flowers with another layer of silica gel and seal the container. Leave the container untouched for about 5 days. You can also place this container in a microwave for a few minutes to speed up the drying.

Once the flowers are dry you can arrange them in any way you like, but keep them away from direct sunlight that can make them brittle. If you see any dust on them in a few days, gently brush it away. You can store these flowers in an air tight container, away from humidity, by wrapping them with paper.