How To Boost Sex Drive With Sex Coffee?

How To Boost Your Sex Drive With Sex Coffee?
How To Boost Your Sex Drive With Sex Coffee?

Boost Sex Drive

Most of you can’t go a day without our morning coffee, and have always been told to cut it down. Well, instead let’s make it count and reap benefits out of it.


Here are the benefits of all the ingredients that go into your ‘sex coffee’:

Maca: This Peruvian herb has a reputed ability to boost libido. It’s an Aztec root, usually ground into a powder. An adaptogen- it supports your body in creating the enzymes it needs to balance hormones and enhance fertility. Some studies suggest it may improve semen quality, relieve symptoms of menopause, and reduce enlarged prostates.

Cacao: Chocolate comes from the cacao bean. It is known as the “nourishment of the gods”. Cacao contains more antioxidants than green tea or red wine. It contains a stimulating chemical called phenylethlamine, which triggers your body to release serotonin that enhances mood bringing in excitement. The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study that found, women who enjoyed a piece of chocolate every day had a more active sex life than those who didn’t.


Cinnamon: Cinnamon is known to increase sex drive as well as reduce urinary tract infections if taken regularly. Cinnamon helps by lowering high blood sugar, which restricts the blood flow to the genitals, which means better sex. It promotes energy and keeps you active.

Honey: In the medieval times, honey was used instead of champagne to raise a toast at weddings. This was because of its proven ability to increase sex drive. The honey base is full of boron – a mineral proven to increase testosterone while metabolizing estrogen.  It also increases stamina, that’s shown to increase fertility.


Coconut Milk: Many cultures have used coconut milk to naturally balance hormones and to increase sex drive Full of healthy fats, it helps increase energy that’ll make your sex life better.

‘Sex Coffee’ incorporates these five superfoods blending them unto a delicious latte. Try making it once a week and enjoying it as you have it. So, get added benefits from your morning coffee with a libido boost.


Recipe for ‘Sex Coffee’:


-2/3 cups hot coffee
-1 tablespoon raw cacao
-2 tablespoons coconut milk
-1 tablespoon honey
-1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
-1 teaspoon maca



Pour the coffee first into a medium bowl. Next add cacao, coconut milk, honey and cinnamon. Whip with a hand blender, until frothy. Add maca and blend again. Then serve immediately when hot. Enjoy your delicious chocolaty sex coffee.