How Stress Is Creeping Up On You

How Stress Is Creeping Up On You
How Stress Is Creeping Up On You

It is now official! Multiple researches over the years have shown that the one of the biggest reasons for diseases and falling ill has been linked to chronic or creeping stress. It is a slow and silent killer because the impact can be felt years down the line. As a result we are unable to correlate stressful periods in our lives with the diseases we get.

Symptoms Of Stress:

  • Hormonal imbalances.
  • Increased secretion of Glucagon (the hormone which increases sugar levels in the blood).
  • Reduced levels of insulin.
  • Changes the composition of sex hormones leading to lower sex drive.
  • Changes in body metabolism leading to weight gain.
  • Improper calcium absorption leading to bone problems or blockages in the circulatory system.
  • Release of certain hormones which cause depression and make you lethargic.
  • Release of chemicals which make you more emotional and even more stressed.
  • Inflammation of the immune system.

Diseases Caused By Stress

Stress has been found to cause the following diseases due to inflammation of the immune system and hormonal imbalances:

  • Diabetes.
  • High Blood Pressure.
  • Obesity and eating disorders.
  • Cardiac problems.
  • Many forms of cancer.
  • Chronic depression
  • Digestive problems
  • Sexual health problems

Stress can be physical or mental and internally or externally triggered. In most cases the following are the main causes of stress:

  • Mental Stress and Life Pressures
  • Physical Issues like wrong lifestyle and eating habits.

Build Up Of Stress

The stress build up starts very early, as early as teenage years and goes on till adulthood. Suddenly, we get problems (even if we are maintaining a healthy lifestyle) and we are unable to connect stress building up over the years with our current health conditions.


This process is called ‘creeping stress’. The symptoms of creeping and prolonged stress are less visible. In fact, an individual may not even realize that he or she is undergoing prolonged periods of stress because they get so used to it that it even becomes a ‘comfort zone’ for them. This can go on for months or years and suddenly one wonders why were they afflicted with some disease even though they had an apparently normal or healthy lifestyle.

Creeping Stress

The symptoms of “creeping” stress are easy to spot if one is always aware of even the minor changes in one’s body, thoughts, eating patterns, emotions or behavior. We miss these because a lot of times we ignore these changes or signs or go into denial or ignoring mode.


Signs Of Creeping Stress

Some of the signs are actually perceived to be good or normal. Let us look at some of the lesser known signs of creeping stress:

  1. The desire to have just that little more alcohol or party more or binge eating because we are young, are making more money or under the garb of socializing.
  2. A gradual reduction in sleep or phases where we get less sleep.
  3. Increase in beverages like tea (including green tea), coffee or soft drinks.
  4. Getting just a little more irritable or angry and justifying it to yourself by saying it is due to colleagues or work, etc.
  5. A greatly increased or reduced sex drive.
  6. A constant desire to look for entertainment, go on holidays and inability to stay peacefully with yourself.
  7. Thinking or brooding a lot.
  8. Being bored when alone and continuously trying to be engaged with social media, etc.
  9. A drive for ‘perfectionism’ and having ‘high standards’ are other signs of creeping stress. Anyone driving themselves or others on this path is causing stress to everyone concerned.

Anything adverse or different from what you were (or what you were doing before) and what you are now (or doing now) are indicators of chronic and creeping stress.


The best solution to this kind of stress and avoiding diseases or managing them (if you already have them) is to opt for some great online yoga programs, stress management programs or sleep management programs.