5 Ways Journal Writing Keeps You Skinny, Sexy, Stress-Free!

Keeping a journal can create an emotional release. But, it can also help create physical healing. Because whatever goes on in your mind has a direct impact on your internal organs.

Want better digestion? Less severe seasonal allergies? Trying to drop those last 10 (or more!) pounds? Journal writing can be as influential as what you eat, the supplements you take or what you put on your body.


Emotions create a physical reaction. And journaling can help the body let go physically as well as emotionally. And this has a ripple effect through your entire health system.

Want to be skinny, sexy, and stress-free? Here are 5 ways that writing in a journal will help get you there!


5 Mind-Body Healing Benefits Of Journal Writing

1. Eases Stomach Rumbling

The act of worry can kill the good bacteria in your gut. And when this happens, you become prone to all sorts of digestive disturbances.

A proper balance of beneficial bacteria is vital not only for a healthy gut, but for the well-being of your entire body.


By working through your worries on the page, you support the beneficial bacteria in your gut. And that is a win-win for your mind and your body.

2. Releases Trapped Feelings That May Cause Inflammation

When you harbor locked emotions, these feelings drain your physical body. And the long-term response to this is wide-spread internal inflammation. And trust me, this is not a good thing.


Inflammation is the predecessor to all disease states like heart disease, autoimmune diseases, and cancer. Negative emotions make physical changes on your body.

Working through your emotions on the page will help you release your hurt and negativity. And this will help you ease inflammation and make your body a disease fighting machine!


This then helps you grow your emotional intelligence. Which means next time you confront emotional discomfort, you will be able to process and release the negative feelings faster.

3. Improves Your Fat Burning Capabilities

Through much of our day, we are just reacting without reflecting. And this persistent reaction often puts our bodies into what is called the fight or flight response.


This response exhibited in our ancient ancestors only during times of life or death. Let us say ancient man bumbled into a bear. He had to quickly decide whether to run for his life, or stay and fight.

The hormones released during fight or flight flood the body with fat storing hormones which does not have much of an impact on weight during a rare bear encounter. But, it is very problematic when experienced daily.


And modern stress is abundant, triggering the fight or flight response from non-life-threatening problems like troubles at work, stress with the kids, aging parents and more.

Taking a few moments to reflect and take ourselves out of our reaction will lower our levels of fat-storing hormones and can lead to a slimmer waistline and a sexier outlook on life.

4. Helps You To Make Positive Choices In Your Life

Gratitude journals leave an impact. When you express gratitude, you support happiness. And in doing so, you encourage the release of feel-good hormones in your body like dopamine and serotonin.

Feelings of joy are addictive. So not only are you more likely to make more positive decisions that create more health and happiness, but your body will relax, your skin will glow. And you will lose the bloat as happiness reaches your internal organs.

And this, in turn, can lead to a sense of relief, and an even further release of these feel good hormones. The more you practice expressing gratitude, the more this cycle of joy will continue and the more your health will benefit.

5. Improves Communication Skills And Boosts Brain Power

Writing is a skill which must be practiced. And while writing on a daily basis increases your communication skills, it is not just your lingual abilities that will grow.

As you learn and improve, you create new connections in your brain that does not just make you more intelligent now, but can make your brain stronger for the future so that your mind stays younger and less prone to things like dementia and everyday forgetfulness.

So there you have it!!

Journal writing is not just for hippies who like to dwell on their emotions. It is for all people who want to live stronger, happier lives.

Journal writing, when done on a regular basis, can support real healing. And that can leave you skinnier, sexier, more stress-free and ready to take on the world!