How Good You Are In Bed According To Your Body Type

our body type can say something about how you are in bed.

There are so many ways you can understand how well a person performs sexually. Of course, there is the direct way of actually putting them to the test to be able to judge, but not all of us really want to do that with everyone we meet. Sometimes, it’s just hearsay, and we find out through the grapevine thanks to our friends and acquaintances. Most of us though are guilty of judging a book by its cover, and we make assumptions based on what we have known in the past and sometimes even rely on stereotypes. The man with the full beard and the tattoos and the women with the great body and full lips are supposedly great in bed, while those with glasses and baggy clothes seem more prudish than anything else. Even though we know that judging by the cover is mostly wrong, there is actually some science behind certain body types and how they can be in bed. Below is some information on how certain body types are in bed and more.

1. Chubby

Chubby people can get the best sexual experience

Being chubby can be a great thing for women in bed! The Nobel prize winning geneticist James Watson claims that women who are chubby are more likely to enjoy sex than thinner women. He was the man who discovered the structure of the DNA, so you know he is making the right points. He believes strongly that women who have more fat are tend to have better personalities and have a much better time in bed because the fat helps to boost the endorphins in the body, which leads to increased sexual desire and openness to do more in bed, which ultimately results in great sexual experiences for both the woman and the man. There is good news for men too: fatter men are supposed to have better sexual stamina than skinnier men. This is due to the fact that heavier men have higher levels of female hormones in their body, which slows down their reach to orgasm and hence they last longer.

2. Skinny

Skinny women might not enjoy sex as much as chubby people

Though the modelling world glorifies skinny as the ultimate form of beauty in women, skinny women may not have the greatest time when they are in bed. It is true that men have an easier time with a skinny woman in bed, but women might not enjoy the sex as much. Unlike their chubbier counterparts, they don’t enjoy the boost in endorphins and might not have the best sexual experience if what James Watson claims is true. However, a thin waist certainly helps men to feel more attraction towards women.

3. Curvy

Curvy women have a great win-win situation

Curvy women are evolutionarily more attractive because the bigger curves signify better fertility as well as a better ability to carry a baby full term, give birth, and nurse and take care of the child. Women with bugger hips tend to be more open to sexual experimentation according to a study done by the University of Leeds. Moreover, the study also found that women with bigger hips were more prone to having one night stands and casual hook-ups when compared to other women. Essentially, you’re more attractive and sexually open when you’re a curvy person, so you’ve got a great package with some great benefits over there.

4. Short

Short women have a lower center of gravity

A lot of men like sleeping with women who are short, and while a lot of it depends on the person you’re sleeping with, short women also have lower centers of gravity, which means they can balance themselves wonderfully in small and compact places. Moreover, shorter women can also master tricky positions because of their great sense of balance, which helps them to get the most out of sex with their partner. Being short might not always be celebrated, but here is a great advantage short women have over taller women!

5. Tall

aller women might be a bit harder to throw around in bed

While the current beauty trend says that tall women are very sexually attractive, it might not always work out when they’re actually in the sack. This isn’t to say that tall women are bad in bed, it just means that they don’t have the opportunity to move around like shorter people do. They can’t always be tossed around during sex by their partners, nor can they have quickies in public places which means that it can be a bit of a hassle to handle a taller woman. This is especially true if the man is shorter than the woman. However, this small inconvenience aside, taller women, especially those with long legs, are perceived as extremely attractive and can have their pick when it comes to partners.

6. Busty

Busty women are more intelligent, but women with smaller busts have a better sexual experience

Women with bigger boobs are once again the celebrated group, and a study done by the University of Chicago in 2013 found that women with bigger busts have higher IQs than those with smaller boobs, which seems like a win-win situation. However, it also found that bigger boobs are 24% less sensitive than smaller ones, which means that women with smaller boobs have a better overall sexual experience because of the heightened stimulation.