Homemade Pregnancy Tests & When To Take Them

Pregnancy is an amazing experience for all women. They eagerly wait to confirm the pregnancy and declare the arrival of their bundle of joy to the world. Before heading to your doctor to confirm your pregnancy, you can rely on a few homemade pregnancy tests to confirm the good news. It is true that there are various commercial pregnancy test kits available in the market. But as you know, natural methods are always cost-effective and you can maintain your privacy. Here, you can learn everything you need to know about homemade pregnancy tests.

1. Bleach Test

What you need is a cup of bleach and a clean container to collect the urine sample. But you need to be careful while doing the bleach test. Do it in an open space.

Take 1 cup of bleach in a bowl and add your urine sample to it. Mix them well. If it forms a foam, congrats! You are expecting!

2. Toothpaste Test

The simple white toothpaste is apt for the test. Do not choose colored or gel toothpaste.

Mix your urine sample with 2 tablespoons of toothpaste in a container. If the color of the paste changes to blue, the result is positive. Well done, you and your partner have done a good job!

3. Dandelion Leaves Test

Hope you won’t find it difficult to get dandelion leaves. Collect the leaves that are not directly exposed to the sun. Leaves from plants that are grown in the shade are perfect for the test. Once the leaves are collected, protect the leaves from direct sunlight.

Place two cups of dandelion leaves in a container. Add your urine sample to the leaves so that the leaves get soaked in the urine. Wait for 10 minutes. If you see red blisters or bumps on the leaves, well, it’s time to share the good news.

4. Sugar Test

Yes, it’s sugar. For sure, you will find it in your kitchen.

Take 3 teaspoons of sugar in a bowl. Add your urine sample into it. If you are comfortable, you can directly urinate in it. Wait for five minutes. If the sugar remains there without dissolving, it indicates pregnancy. You have a good reason to feel elated!

5. Pine-Sol Test

This is an easy-to-do pregnancy test. Grab your house cleaning agent, Pine-Sol, which contains pine oil, for this test.

In a small container pour a cup of pine sol. Mix your urine with the Pine-Sol. The pregnancy hormones in your urine will change the color of the solution. If the color changes, you are pregnant. But if the color remains the same, it means that your body needs a bit more time and preparation for giving perfect grooming for your baby.

6. Soap Test

Get ready with some soap water for the test.

Collect your urine sample in a bowl and add soap water to it. If bubbles are formed as a reaction, then your test is positive.

7. Latch Test

Get hold of a latch to conduct this test. Well, a latch may not be easily accessible for many. For those who can get a latch, this test will be effortless.

Keep the latch in a container. Add your urine sample into the container and wait for three hours. After the wait, if you see the impression of the latch at the container’s base, well-done girl! You can see your bundle of joy in nine months.

When To Take These Tests

Ever wondered how do these tests work? All these tests detect the presence of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone is produced by the placenta shortly after you get pregnant. And its level increases rapidly in the body in the first few days of pregnancy. To get an accurate result, you should use the first urine sample of the day for the tests.

Pregnancy tests may not show the right result in the early days of pregnancy. Our body may not have produced a sufficient amount of hCG to be detected by a home pregnancy test. You need to wait until the first day of your missed period before taking a urine pregnancy test. However, there are a few tests which are very sensitive to hCG hormones and they will be able to give you a correct result.

These homemade tests are around 97% exact when done correctly. If you haven’t got a positive result and still have pregnancy symptoms, wait for a week to take the test again or consult your doctor.