7 Home Remedies For Weak, Brittle Nails

Natural Remedies For Strong Nails

How healthy we are on the inside is often reflected in how strong our nails are. If you have weak nails, it might be a sign of a deeper health issue like anemia. The first step to getting stronger nails is to get a full health check up and to revamp your diet. Make sure you’re getting enough protein, calcium and iron in your food every single day. But apart from a healthy diet, there are several home treatments you can use to give you the long nails you’ve always wanted. These seven methods will provide your nails with moisture and nutrition, preventing them from breaking.

1. Coconut Oil

 Coconut Oil Contains Saturated Fats

Coconut oil is one of the best ways to get healthy nails. This oil is full of saturated fats which help fill in cracks with moisture. Coconut oil is also a powerful antibacterial agent, so it will kill any infections you have which might be the reason for your

weak nails. Massage your nails and cuticles with warm coconut oil every night to get stronger nails. Doing this every day will also nourish your cuticles, helping the new nail which grows from it to be stronger.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar Kills Infections

Apple cider vinegar is packed with nutrients your nails need to grow healthy. Raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (it has to have the mother intact), contains potassium, vitamins, calcium and iron. It also contains bacteria-killing acid. Soak your nails in a bowl of warm water mixed with some apple cider vinegar. Your nails will absorb the nutrients in it and become healthier. You can also start drinking apple cider vinegar every day to help your nails from the inside.

3. Vitamin E Gel

 Vitamin E Helps Nails Grow

Vitamin E is essential for your nails and hair to grow healthy. It

provides much-needed moisture to your nails and encourages them to grow longer. Break open a vitamin E capsule and massage this gel over your nails and cuticles every day. Never forget to include your cuticles because they’re the bed for new nails to grow from. You can also take vitamin E capsules orally for an extra boost.

4. Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice Removes Nail Discoloration

Lemon juice doesn’t just help your nails become stronger, it can also remove unsightly stains from the surface. Lemons have natural bleaching qualities. If your nails are an unsightly yellow, lemons can help them look bright again. In a small bowl, mix some lemon juice with olive or coconut oil. Microwave this until it’s warm and massage it into your nails and cuticles every day.

5. Beer

 Beer Contains Important Nail-Nutrients

Beer manicures aren’t a gimmick, they have very real benefits. Your

favorite drink is also full of potassium, selenium and biotin. Beer has become very popular recently for shiny hair, but it’s just as effective for your nails. You can soak your nails in plain beer or add olive oil to it for an extra-moisturizing effect. Beer will also smoothen the surface of your nails, making them look more shiny.

6. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil Has Antibacterial Properties

If you have trouble growing your nails because of fungal infections, then tea tree oil is your best friend. Tea tree oil is one of the most potent antibacterial and antifungal agents in the natural health world. Mix vitamin E oil with a few drops of tea tree oil and rub this onto your cuticles and nails before you sleep. Be careful not to add too much of the essential oil because it’s very strong and can burn you.

7. Blackstrap Molasses

 Blackstrap Molasses Is A Good Source Of Iron

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Weak nails are often one of the first symptoms of anemia. To solve the problem of brittle nails through your diet, you need to include more sources of iron. Blackstrap molasses is extremely rich in iron and is a great option if you don’t eat meat. Mix one tablespoon of molasses into warm water and drink this mixture every single day. Get your blood tested regularly to see if your hemoglobin levels are showing any signs of improvement.