7 Home Remedies For Hyperpigmentation (Dark Spots)

Everyone desires beautiful, clear skin, but dark spots can easily appear as a result of the overproduction of a pigment called melanin. The overproduction of melanin is known as hyperpigmentation which can be caused by acne, pimples, sun damage, age, hormonal imbalances, bruises, etc. Surface pigmentation is easier to get rid of rather than deep pigmentation that can take up to a few months to vanish. There are certain natural ingredients that help you speed up the process of getting rid of dark spots, giving you the clear skin you desire.

1. Lemon

lemon juice to get rid of hyperpigmentation


When it comes to dark spots, lemon is the first thing you should use. Its high citric acid content makes it a natural bleaching agent. You can squeeze fresh lemon, dip a cotton ball in it, apply directly on the dark spots, leave it on for 15–20 minutes, and wash it off with cold water. You can repeat this procedure twice a day until you get rid of the dark spots. You can even mix it with honey and apply it if the lemon juice proves to be harsh on your skin.

2. Raw Potato

raw potato helps you to get rid of hyperpigmentation


Potato is rich in an enzyme called catecholase which has been known to improve the tone of our skin. You can cut a piece of potato and rub it directly on the dark spots or you can mash a potato, squeeze the juice out, and apply it on the dark spots with the help of a cotton ball. You can use this remedy two to three times a day for about a month to get a noticeable difference.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV helps to remove dark spots


Apple cider vinegar is packed with chemicals that remove dark spots. It is rich in citric acid, glycolic acid, and lactic acid. These acids bleach the dark spots and also exfoliate the dead skin present on the surface. Apple cider vinegar is sulfur based and sulfur is known to even out skin discoloration. You can dab a cotton ball dipped in diluted apple cider vinegar directly on the dark spots, let it sit for 20 minutes, and wash it off with cold water. You can even dilute and mix it with lemon juice and follow the same procedure.

4. Sandalwood



Sandalwood is a time-tested remedy for many skin problems including hyperpigmentation. Its antiseptic properties help treat pimples and acne and its astringent properties help tighten pores and control oil secretion. The essential oils present in sandalwood lightens skin tone, helps in the regeneration of new cells, and exfoliates dead skin. Make a paste of sandalwood using rosewater, apply it on the affected areas, leave it on for 30 minutes, and wash it off. You can repeat this procedure daily until you get visible results.

5. Aloe Vera

aloe vera


Aloe vera has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help treat skin infections. It hydrates the skin and removes excessive oil from the pores. It removes dead skin and helps in the regeneration of new skin cells, thus, reducing the appearance of dark spots. Take a fresh aloe vera leaf and scoop out the gel. Crush it and apply it to your skin and wash it off after 30 minutes. You can repeat this on a daily basis for clear, spotless skin.

6. Papaya



Papaya contains an enzyme called papain that exfoliates dead skin and fades dark spots. You can mash the pulp of papaya, mix it with lemon juice, apply it on the skin, and wash it off after 30 minutes. You should start noticing visible results after 2 weeks of following this procedure. Here’s how raw and ripe papaya help your skin.

7. Almond Oil

Almond oil


Almond oil is rich in vitamins A, B, and E and fatty acids. The fatty acids present in almond oil help clean your pores and get rid of acne. The vitamins moisturize the skin, clean and tighten pores, exfoliate dead skin, and help regenerate new skin. These actions of almond oil result in the lightening of dark spots over time. You can massage almond oil on your skin before going to bed and wash it off the next day. Continue following this procedure for 2 weeks for visible results. Read more about the benefits of almond oil.

Apart from using these ingredients to treat hyperpigmentation, it is necessary to be patient and to keep yourself hydrated and well nourished if you want clear skin. Consume foods high in nutrients rather than calorie-dense, oily foods. Remember to stay safe from the sun and apply sunscreen when you go out.