7 Home Items You Should Splurge On

Moving into a new home brings out the financier in all of us. We’d all like to have that Pinterest-perfect space without drilling a hole in our bank balances. But, are expensive things all that bad? When it comes to comfort and quality, some household items are worth the splurge. The key is to find the things that really matter in the long haul and leave the rest for the big sales.

7 Household Items To Splurge On

1. Mattress

Good quality mattresses offer lumbar support and are free of toxic chemicals


We can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep and a great afternoon nap. But, more importantly, we can’t compromise on health either. Organic mattresses might sound like a fad. But, cheaper and less durable mattresses might have toxic chemicals that might be detrimental your health and that of your family.1

Mattresses are also important to consider if you have back pain. Cots that have lumbar support are known to reduce back pain and, in turn, give you the restful sleep you deserve.2 Studies have also shown that newer beds are better for physiological health as well.3 Whether you buy one or have it custom made, mattresses are worth the expenditure.


2. Vacuum Cleaner

High-efficiency vacuum cleaners keep dust mites and allergens away.

Messy homes are not very appealing. If you’ve ever spent hours cleaning up and still find dust around the house, then a vacuum cleaner can be a boon for you. Not to mention, it’s easy to use. However, regular use of a vacuum cleaner, while cheap, can be the cause of more dust mites and allergens in your home, especially if you have pets at home.4 This can cause asthma and seasonal allergies. Instead, opt for a high-efficiency vacuum cleaner that has powerful filters to prevent the emission of allergens.


3. Bathroom Appliances

High-quality bathroom appliances look good and filter out impurities

Invest in the fittings of your bathroom. Not only will your bathroom look glamorous but you will also be satisfied with everything from the water pressure to the shower heads. Whenever you can, opt for filters such as a shower filter, which removes chlorine, odor, and other contaminants from water.5


4. Lighting

Good lighting is visually appealing and promotes good eyesight.

Lights set the mood and tone of a home. Knowing what lights would compliment your home decor would really improve the overall look of your home. Furthermore, by picking the right kind of lights for your home, you can ensure less energy consumption and a modest electricity bill. Good lighting is also necessary for good eyesight. If you work at home sometimes, then studies show that good lighting improves performance and results in fewer errors.6


5. Paint

Good quality paint is free from lead and won't chip, break and get chalky.

Bad quality paint causes discoloration, chalking, cracking, and chipping. Instead of having to redo the paint every other year, opt for a good quality paint that will last longer and look professional. Older homes tend to have paint mixed with lead, which can cause lead poisoning. Although paint with lead has been banned, a lot of homes still have it under layers of new paint. This is why yet another reason to get paint of high quality that will stay in good shape for long.7


6. Water Filter

Good quality water filter will filter out bad odor and chemicals.

We’re constantly being told to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Wouldn’t you then want this water to be free from bad odor and chemicals? Studies show that water filters get rid of fluoride, among other contaminants, from the water.8 While you will find a lot of cheaper options for water filters, it might be a good idea to look into their filter size and technology. Some only filter odor while others filter a few chemicals. It would be a good idea to check for their NSF ratings – public health standards for common products – to see just how much work these filters do.9


7. Bed Linen

Good quality bed sheets look good and ensure sound sleep.

We’ve come full circle with this one. You spend a lot of time on your bed and – by default – your linens. Good quality sheets will look luxurious and feel great. This will ensure good quality sleep. Look into everything from the fabric, thread count, weave, and color to the design and feel. There are a lot of good options in the market for high quality linens that will definitely be a good investment in the long run.

We spend a lot of time in our homes, which is why they call for some smart investment. By choosing to splurge a little on the right things, you will be doing a huge favor to the look of your home and your health.