5 Home Decluttering Tips That Really Work

We spend hours on Pinterest, creating inspiring home decor boards. Yet, we return to homes that are nothing like the peaceful sanctuary we all aspire to create for ourselves. A clean, tidy home promotes a sense of peace. A cluttered space will only stress your mind out even more after you come home from a long day of work. Who wants that?

Here are some helpful decluttering tips to help bring the life back into your space so you can peace out the moment you step inside.


5 Effective Tips To Help Declutter Your Home

1. Form A Mental Picture

Before you start decluttering, think about what changes you want to make and why.

Before you start any activity, it’s important to set your goal straight. This will help you plan your tasks systematically so that you can achieve what you want.


So before you start throwing things away and reorganizing, spend some time analyzing why you need to declutter to begin with. Is it affecting your work? Is it stopping you from moving on after breaking up from a difficult relationship? Do you feel claustrophobic and need more space?

Once you have the answer, visualize what you want your space to look like. Think about the changes you think you should make and how that will help you achieve your goal. If necessary, use a journal to jot down important thoughts and ideas.


2. Assess Each Item’s True Value

We all have a tendency to cling to junk and assessing an item's current true value can help make parting with clutter easier.

Most of us have the tendency to cling on to junk just because of how much it cost us and the emotions and memories associated with it. This is why you have so many lumpy sweaters, ugly denims, and multiple pairs of unused shoes gathering dust in your cupboards; because you blew up a good amount of money over them and now you feel guilty to throw them out. This is also why we have drawers stuffed with a dirty jumble of old photographs, cards, and little knick-knacks – because nostalgia is fairly addictive.


But if you really come to think of it, most of that clutter probably has little to no value today. It’s highly unlikely that even second-hand stores will take those old and unused clothes, and all those photographs are probably holding you back from moving on with your life and starting afresh.

So stop thinking about how much money or time you invested on something years ago. Assess what that item is worth to you currently. If it’s of no use to you anymore, the better place for it is a donation or a garbage bag.


3. Start Small

Instead of decluttering your entire house in one sitting, start with a small space to make the process less overwhelming.

The very thought of cleaning out your entire home can be very overwhelming and is enough to drive you to procrastinate this task even further. So don’t try to tell yourself you’ll finish decluttering your entire house in one day. Instead, start with just one small area and make up your mind to clean out all the unnecessary items within that space only. Choose a drawer, a cabinet, a shelf, a table, or even a small corner and work on it till you’re satisfied.


Starting small helps you cut down on purger’s remorse – something that happens to anyone who gets into a cleaning frenzy and ends up throwing a little too much out. Also, it helps make decluttering emotionally less stressful as well. You can always toss out one old teddy bear from your childhood, but having to come face to face with throwing away an entire box of toys that you grew up can trigger sadness and put you off from your goals altogether.

4. Throw Out Those Bad Gifts

Don't hesitate to throw away things you'll never use just because you're worried the gifter will ask you about them.


Don’t hold onto things that you will never end up using just because you’re worried that the person who gifted them to you will ask to see it some day. The likelihood of that happening is very rare, mostly because that person will probably not remember himself.

It’s completely okay if you don’t want to ever use that vase or that crockery set because it doesn’t suit your fancy. Give it away. Besides, if your first instinct is to stash it into your loft, there should be no reason why you can’t put it in a garbage or donation bag instead.

5. Think Before You Buy

If you want your decluttering mission to be successful, slow down the flow of impulsive purchases from entering your home.

If you’re on a mission to declutter, it is imperative that you freeze your spending. If you’re going to toss out old junk, only to replace it with a newer version, you’re missing out on the entire point of decluttering.

Slow down the flow of impulsive purchases from entering your home. Resist any and all urges to pick up new gadgets, clothes, or home decor items until you’ve cleaned out your space and brought it to where you want it to be.