The Holistic Approach To Wellness

All of us want to be healthy and happy so that we can live our lives to the fullest. But being healthy is becoming more and more difficult in today’s world. Processed food, bad lifestyles and stress are all taking a huge toll on our health. Hence, it is increasingly becoming difficult for us to figure out a way to be completely fit and healthy. A lot of people try different things and then lose hope when they don’t work out for them. There are many people who have tried conventional mode of medicine and diet, and failed at achieving good health. So, what can we do to be healthier today?

Holistic Look At Medicine


A lot pf physicians with years of practice have started looking at medicine with a holistic approach. Personal failures to achieve health goals and seeing their patients failing at achieving what they want to achieve health wise are pushing many doctors like D. Taz Bhatia towards alternative medicine systems like Ayurveda etc. Studying nutrition is another big and fascinating area for doctors to understand ailments on a deeper level. There is a lot that western medicine has provided us with its advancements and therapies over the years. But there are alternative medicine systems like Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine that are centuries old practices. These practices are being increasingly recognized by western medicine now.

Alternative medicine rely heavily on nature and its components to heal. And western medicine cures by either extracting compounds out of nature or formulating a compound using natural extracts. But either way, nature is the common denominator between both. More and more medicine practitioners are finding newer and more innovative ways of integrating alternative medicine with western medicine to find the ultimate solution to cracking the code of good health.

The Idea Of Wellness & Alternative Medicine

The idea of wellness that we have is very narrow. We always look at our health from a perspective of being free from diseases. But rather than keeping ourselves free from diseases, we should try to do everything to be healthier and happier. Modern day wellness programs of integrative medicine are focused on increasing the ability of our bodies to heal and achieve internal balance. Invasive procedures are not always the solution to our problems. Sometimes, precautionary measures and unconventional ways of wellness can also help us to regain our health.

It is a folly on our part to think that only western medicine can save us from our illnesses. Yes, western medicine has given us a lot and has helped humans to overcome many diseases over a few centuries. But medicine systems that don’t fit into the explanation of conventional medicine shouldn’t be dismissed. Ayurveda, homeopathy, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine etc. are all examples of alternative medicine.

Humans have survived for thousands of years with these traditional or folk medicine long before conventional medicine came into being. So, maybe it would be a good thing to integrate the new with the old to find the perfect balance.

Good Health Is A Healthy Mind And A Healthy Body

Taking care of our bodies is not enough for good health as taking care of our minds is just as important for good health. Nutrition is vital for us to enable our bodies to cope with various external threats and allergens. Providing good nutrition can enable our bodies to sustain themselves. Similarly, we need to provide our minds with good nutrition too to ensure complete health. Meditation is an old practice that can help us to achieve both mental and physical well-being. Having a positive outlook towards life and people is another wonderful way of strengthening our internal systems. Happy thoughts are a nutrient for happy souls. A happy mind and happy soul in a healthy body is the epitome of good health.

So, lets open our minds to more possibilities to find more answers to our questions.