Hindu Push-Ups For A Muscular And Powerful Chest

Karthik - Hindu Push-Ups: Benefits And How It's Good For A Muscular and Powerful Chest

Did you know push-ups have a religion? Say hello to Hindu push-ups. A great option for athletes of all ability levels, Hindu push-ups help you get the muscular pectorals that are crucial for strength, movement, stability, and effective posture. This type of push-up is commonly performed in India and is actually a variant of the traditional push-ups and body weight squats. It is also referred to as Dive Bomber Push-Ups, Hanuman Push-Ups, and Judo Push-Ups.

Benefits Of Hindu Push-Ups

Belonging to the core exercise category, Hindu push-up is usually performed by champion wrestlers in India. This exercise mainly improves stamina, flexibility, cardiovascular functioning and endurance levels.


1. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Hindu push-ups improves cardiovascular health

The fluidic movements of the Hindu push-up require you to lower your entire body and then raise it again, which increases the heart rate. This results in more blood being pumped through your arteries and veins. With practice, you can improve your endurance level and you can do more push-ups, which helps in maintaining the heart rate at an elevated level. The push-up is quite intense and causes you to breathe deeply. Deep breathing is the correct way of breathing that promotes well-being and overall health.


2. Increases Endurance

Hindu push-ups increase your endurance

Some people may possess a short burst of short-lived power. But, to sustain that power for a prolonged duration, you need endurance. Hindu push-ups are effective in improving your endurance levels that help you last longer in any activity. As you build endurance, you can increase the reps according to your mental and physical ability. Artificially increasing endurance levels by consuming chemical supplements, pills and powders can have adverse effects. Improving your endurance by practicing Hindu push-ups is a great natural technique.


3. Targets All Major Muscle Groups

Hindu push-ups focuses on all major muscle groups

The best part about Hindu push-ups is its ability to target almost every major muscle group of the body. Various muscle groups located in the upper and lower torso, and the leg muscles are all given a thorough workout. Muscle groups in the upper body such as pectoral, abdominal, deltoid, erector spinae, biceps, and triceps receive maximum benefit. The skeletal muscle groups of the lower body like quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus, and others also benefit when you raise your torso during the push-up. Even the hips, back, shoulders and core are strengthened by performing Hindu push-ups.


4. Stimulates The Spine And Internal Organs

Hindu push-ups massages the spine and the internal organs

Hindu push-ups incorporate a gentle flowing motion that flexes the vertebra in the spine and keeps them in good condition. It also massages the internal organs and improves blood circulation throughout the torso. A weak spine almost handicaps you, as it supports the entire weight of the upper body and helps maintain posture. Numerous injuries and diseases are attributed to a weak spinal column. Hindu push-ups offer the best set of exercises for increasing the strength of the spine.


5. A Full Body Stretch

Hindu push-ups give the entire body a good stretch

Conventional push-ups have less movement than Hindu push-ups. In a Hindu push-up, you begin with what looks like a kamikaze nose dive and then rise up just like a dive bomber plane would. This fluidic motion helps the entire body to stretch, unlike other types of push-ups that only concentrate on certain muscle groups of the body. Repetitive movements strengthen the muscles and improve their elasticity, which helps you achieve better flexibility of the body.


6. It’s Free

Hindu push-up does not require any equipment and is free

Free-hand exercises don’t cost money as no equipment is required. Any well-ventilated place will do just fine. You can even include it in your gym session and perform them after a light round of warm-up and stretching.


Better Than Bench Press

  • The extensive movement of your body while doing the push-ups create more tension in your chest, an important step in building muscle.
  • As this bodyweight exercise improves the mind-muscle connection, it creates greater tension within the target muscle.
  • Since no external weights are involved, athletes can perform them well within their physical limitations.