7 Hidden Sources Of MSG You Need To Know About

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) gets a bad reputation, and with good reason. It is a known carcinogen and it is advised that children never be fed foods containing MSG. Noodles and ramen are the most well-known foods containing MSG, but is that all?

There are many other foods that we would never suspect would have MSG in them. being aware of these helps us to be more discerning about our food choices, many of which we make considering their health value. Here are five foods that surprisingly contain MSG.


1. Baby Formula

Baby formula contains MSG

Seeing as how MSG is a known neurotoxic agent and is thus not recommended for children, it is surprising that one study has found the baby formula to contain MSG!1 In infants, the blood-brain barrier is not fully developed yet, and we may never be able to link back early neural damage to such unassuming causes.


2. Soups

Soups contain MSG either as an additive or within the soup mix itself

Most packaged soups and broth cubes contain Ajinomoto or MSG. High levels of MSG in these foods cause an increase in plasma glutamate levels that are most commonly observed in people with epilepsy. While soups are good for us, it is best to make them ourselves, at home.2


3. Cereals

Cereals have a good amount of MSG in them

As much as MSG is used to make foods more flavorful, its actual purpose is to mask the taste of unpalatable ingredients. In breakfast cereal, it is added to mask the bitterness that some grains occur after processing. The coated cornflakes we may be pouring into our breakfast bowls with careless abandon could actually be very harmful to us.3


4. Fast Foods

Fast foods are filled with Ajinomoto

Fast food is notorious for a lot of things, and MSG addition is one of them. It can be found added to dips, sauces, and dressings or as part of the meat itself. High levels of phenylaniline are found in the bloodstream after eating foods containing MSG. Phenylaniline is closely linked with behavior disorders and neurotoxicity, even in adults.4


5. Diet Foods

Diet foods will have a good amount of MSG

In a surprise addition to the list, diet foods are notorious for Ajinomoto quantities. It can be very dangerous for phenylketonurics to consumer products such as diet soda or diet jams, as the MSG can leave their blood loaded with unwanted levels of acetone bodies.5


6. Protein Powder

All types of protein powder can contain MSG

Next time when you get attracted by a fitness advertisement selling their protein powder, know that it contains harmful quantities of MSG. MSG is not just present in the muscle building powder but also in the weight loss ones too. It is usually contained in hydrolyzed protein or hydrolyzed soy protein.6


7. Soy Products

Soy products can contain MSG

This cautionary note is for the meat haters out there. If you think your meat alternative, which is soy is completely safe you could not be more wrong. Most soy products such as veggie burger, hot dogs, and sausages contain textured vegetable protein, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, or hydrolyzed plant protein. All these components contain a good amount of MSG.78

So, next time you go to grab these foods from the store, be wary of the dangerous amount of MSG in them.