6 Herbs To Eat For The Best Orgasms You’ll Ever Have

Herbal Aphrodisiacs For The Best Orgasms Yet

If you want to take your sex life from good to mind-blowing, look no further than the natural world. Certain herbs have been prized for their properties as potent aphrodisiacs. They are believed to naturally increase your libido, to improve your endurance and ultimately, to heighten your sexual pleasure. To spice up your sex, you can brew these herbs in hot water to make a tea and drink it about two hours before you think you’re going to have sex. If a cup of libido-boosting tea doesn’t sound appealing to you, they are also available in the form of pills. Of all the natural aphrodisiacs out there, these five herbs are by far the most potent.

1. Horny Goat Weed

It Increases Libido And Can Help With Erectile Dysfunction

With a uniquely befitting name, horny goat weed has been lighting the loins of men for centuries. It was first used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a remedy for erectile dysfunction. This herb soon became massively popular, with Chinese men and their partners being eternally grateful for it. More recent studies have shown that the Chinese knew their stuff. Horny goat weed has been proven to increase libido and sexual desire among both men and women. It can also increase endurance and make sex more satisfying.

2. Maca Root

It Can Increase Sensitivity

Maca root is native to the Incan civilization. Among its other uses, maca root was most known for being a powerful aphrodisiac. In fact, the root was considered so strong, that only members of the royal family were considered worthy enough to eat it. Today however, maca root is more easily available even to us peasants. Using the powder to make a tea or eating it as a pill will let you get it on like the ancient royals did. Maca root increases sensation in the genital areas of men and women, intensifying their orgasms. For men, it can also increase testosterone levels and sperm count.

3. Yohimbe

 It Increases Blood Flow To The Genitals

Yohimbe is a dried bark that can be crushed and made into a tea. Having some yohimbe an hour before you have sex will make sure you get plenty of blood flow to your genitals. Increased blood flow causes more sensation in that area, making for an orgasm you will not forget anytime soon. Because it ensures more blood flow, it also helps men increase their powers of endurance.

4. Oatstraw

: It Makes You More Relaxed

Far too many times, the reason most of us can’t enjoy sex fully is because we’re too nervous. Oatstraw soothes the hormones responsible for our nerves: our fight or flight response. By suppressing these hormones, it allows you to relax and become more receptive to sexual sensations. Many women report that they lubricate more easily after ingesting oatstraw, which reduces any pain they might have otherwise felt.

5. Damiana

It Reduces Stress And Keeps You In The Moment

Damiana is the sex-savior all of us stressed-out workers need. When you’re very stressed, it’s difficult to get your mind off your problems and concentrate on your partner. This is where damiana comes in useful. It relaxes the body and makes it more receptive to sexual stimuli. It also increases blood flow to the genital, make them extremely sensitive. One researcher even claimed that damiana makes “every nerve tingle with sexual sensation”. You’ll definitely want to add some of this stuff to your coffee.

6. Skullcap

It Prevents Pain From Ruining Sex

Skullcap might sound like a terrifying name, but there’s a lot to love about this herb. If you aren’t able to enjoy sex because you still feel some pain, skullcap could help you out. This herb has been seen to block pain receptors, allowing sex to be pleasurable for both partners. It also increases lubrication, which makes sex a lot more intense.