Does Hemp Oil Cure Cancer?

As unfortunate as it may be, cancer is a reality and it’s a condition that a lot of people have to deal with. And as long as we are on this subject, it’s also important to note that cannabis has been making quite a lot of noise lately, especially when it comes to cancer. Can it be a cancer cure or is this another piece of fact-less propaganda to place a product on the market? Well, there are quite a few things to be taken into account, so let’s break it down a notch.

The good news is that the health benefits of cannabis have been proven and reported. They are quite a lot. There are a lot of different researches and scientific studies which are positively confirming the health benefits of hemp oil as well as its smoking.


The Science Behind It

The truth is that cannabinoids might – just as well – be amongst the best disease as well as cancer-fighting treatments which exist out there.1 They refer to any group of compounds which are related and include cannabinol and activate the cannabinoid receptors which are found in our bodies. There are quite a lot of different reported benefits but it’s worth mentioning that hemp oil has some particularly strong cancer-fighting properties.2

There are different types of cancerous conditions affecting various parts of our bodies, so let’s have a look.


Types Of Cancerous Conditions Affecting Our Bodies

1. Brain Cancer

Hemp Oil Can Cure Brain Cancer

There are a lot of studies in this area. For instance, one which got posted in the British Journal of Cancer showed that THC found in hemp oil, as well as, other cannabinoids manage to inhibit the growth of a brain tumor.3 The delivery of the cannabinoid was actually safe and it didn’t have any psychoactive effects and the THC was found to actively decrease the tumor cells in two of the overall nine patients.


2. Lung Cancer

Hemp Oil Can Cure Lung Cancer

Now, the Experimental Medical Department of Harvard Medical School determined that THC is capable of inhibiting the epithelial growth factor which induces the migration of lung cancer cells. Another study published by the US National Library of Medicine showed that cannabinoids are capable of inhibiting the invasion of cancerous cells as well.4


3. Blood Cancer

Hemp Oil Can Cure Blood Cancer

This is one of the most dangerous types of condition. However, there is some good news on this front related to hemp oil as a study published in the Molecular Pharmacology journal showed that cannabinoids inhibit cell growth as well as apoptosis in the mantle cell lymphoma.5


Of course, it’s also worth noting that there are other types of cancer and hemp oil has a lot of additional benefits in that regard as well. Cannabis is definitely a perfect example of how our minds could be easily conditioned to believe in something even when we are conclusively faced with evidence which contradicts our beliefs afterward. All of us, while growing up, were told that drugs are ‘bad’, so to speak. However, as science and medicine advance further, it turns out that substances such as hemp oil, for example, could be potentially lifesaving. What is more, this particular substance has over 50,000 different uses, all of which are particularly beneficial. This is something that needs to be taken into account – that’s certain. The U.S has already noticed this as it reflects in the ongoing legalization tendencies of medical marijuana.6 With a lot of research going on about the medicinal properties of plant-based drugs, not for a recreational purpose but as a scientific study, cancer patients have a lot to look forward to, when it comes to curing the ailment for the root.