6 Sincere Ways To Help Your Partner Deal With Loss

Two people grow up together in a relationship. In that process of growing up in life, two people can go through a myriad ups and downs together. People can witness a sea of events in the life of their partners. And when people go through trying times in their lives, unflinching support of their partners can play a huge part in the process of coping and healing. Life can throw a curve ball anytime at people whom we love, even when they are not ready. Death of a dear one, getting fired from a job, depression, disease and so many other things can happen to our loved ones. It is very difficult to see your loved ones go through hell. Even though you can’t take away their pain, you can surely help them cope with their bad times better. There are a lot of things that a person can do to support their loved ones. Some of those things have been listed below.

1. Allow Them To Break Down

Let them cry


It is completely disheartening to see someone we love dearly break down in tears. There is not much you can do to ease their pain in a scenario like that. You might even feel uncomfortable to see your partner break down. But, never say ‘don’t cry’ to them. When you ask them not to shed tears, you are asking them to hide away their emotions. This can have a counter-productive effect on their process of grieving. Crying can be a liberating way of catharsis. So, let your partner cry if she or he wants to. It is important for you to remember that every individual has a different way of grieving. So, whatever the process is, you need to be supportive of your partner.

2. Lend Them Your Genuine Support

Be genuinely supportive


It is important for your partner to know that you are there for him or her. Fake condolences can never do any good to anyone who is grieving a loss. If you don’t know what to say, then just say that with all your genuineness. Your partner will appreciate that. And sometimes, a healing silent presence can be more soothing than a fake loud support.

3. Make Peace With Silence

Make peace with silence


Your partner will obviously take some time to deal with his or her loss. And sometimes, he or she might not feel like talking at all. It is perfectly normal. So, you need to accept that and give him or her that silent space to moan and recover. You can keep your partner company in his or her pursuit of silence and just be next to him or her. You can let your partner know that you are there for him or her non-verbally by just being there.

4. Help Them Practically

Be aspokesperson


Help them out with their chores. Share some of their daily responsibilities and make them feel loved. They will appreciate your kindness and efforts. It is important for them to know that even though they have lost someone, they have others in their lives who love them.

5. Take On The Role Of A Spokesperson


A demise comes with an endless river of condolences. Phones will not stop ringing and messages will not stop pouring in. And your partner might not always be in the mental state to accept those condolences graciously. So, you can take on the role of his or her spokesperson as and when required. Take messages and thank others for him or her. You can help your partner with the planning of the funeral and share his or her responsibilities. Your partner will genuinely be ever thankful for your deed.

6. Grief Never Goes Away


Losing someone to death is a permanent damage that can never be reversed. So, you need to support your partner the days he or she feels low and miss the lost loved ones. You have to comfort your partner so that he or she can constructively deal with the loss.

Love and support are two very important things that can help a person heal. So, ensure to provide both to your partner.