5 Important Things To Do To Help A Suicidal Person

Suicide is a terrible thing to consider as an option. Death can never be an answer to any of our problems. We can control how we feel, but unfortunately, we can’t control how others feel or think. And sometimes our loved ones can go through difficult times and think about the unthinkable ‘death’ as an option. In such scenarios, we tend to feel like silent spectators with no power to do anything. But there are a lot of things we can do to help such people whom we love to come out of their suicidal tendencies. Suicide happens to be the 10th leading cause of death in America. And according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, behind every suicide, there are 25 failed attempts. According to many psychologists, most people who are contemplating suicide are often in two states of mind till their last moments which is why psychologists believe that intervention can save lives a lot of the times. There are many signs that can show that a person is suicidal which include withdrawal, hopelessness, talks of suicide

and how things might be better without them. So, if you see a loved one with these signs, then there are ways you can help them.

1. Ask Them About It

A lot of people believe in the myth that asking people about suicide can increase their likelihood of being suicidal even more. But that is not true at all. The truth is that anybody who is going through a difficult time would have had a fleeting thought or recurring thoughts about suicide to put an end to their misery. So, instead of avoiding this uncomfortable thought, you should ask them if suicidal thoughts are something that they are having. Depending on their response, you can ask them further questions to know more about their state of mind.

2. Tell Them About How Much You Love Them

People who are dealing with depression and hopelessness often

feel like they are alone. So, small acts of love from people who are close to them can really turn their suicidal thoughts around. So, you can really help a loved one to embrace life again by extending your love and support to them. Small acts of love and care can bring a person back from his or her suicidal frame of mind.

3. Try To Get Them Busy

People who are suicidal often choose to isolate themselves from others and they stop doing things that they enjoy. Hence, it is recommended for such people to engage in activities that they love. It will help them in coping with their dark times in more constructive ways and it will take their minds of the bad as well. You should encourage your loved ones to take part in new activities that can provide them with new challenges that they can focus on.

4. Encourage Them To Seek Help

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Professional help can really help in this case. So, you should encourage your loved one to seek professional help. If they have had a bad experience with counseling in the past, they might be unwilling to try it again. But you need to help them to see a better side of this situation. A lot of unqualified professionals can do a lot of harm in the name of counseling, but there are a lot of professionals who can constructively help too. You can do some research and find a legitimately good professional for your loved one to help him or her.

5. Don’t Leave Them Alone

You shouldn’t leave a suicidal person alone for a long time. Alone time can give them an opportunity to contemplate on their suicide and ways to commit it. So, it is important that a suicidal person has someone looking over them at all times.

You can stop

someone from taking his or her life, if you know the right thing to do at the right time. So, keep yourself strong and available for help all the time to help a suicidal person.