Healthy Teeth and Gums from the Inside Out : Natural Oral Care

Why this works so well:

  • The cinnamon and neem are very good for the gums.
  • The sea salt is also good for the gums and cleanses the teeth well.
  • Flossing and using a toothpick is essential since most decay and cavities happen between the teeth and at the gum line.
  • The rinse with the baking soda will alkaline the mouth to prevent bacteria growth, while the tea tree oil and clove oil will prevent any infection even if you have a cavity at the time.
  • The oil pulling is very beneficial to the gums and using coconut oil instead of sesame seed oil will further fight infection in the case where there is a cavity, gum disease or tooth decay.
  • Scraping or cleaning the tongue daily especially before bedtime and again in the morning removes any bacteria buildup and mucus which will keep the mouth healthy, improve your breath and reduce unhealthy bacteria buildup on the teeth.

This process can relieve you from the pain from tooth decay, cavity or abscess in the mouth. Eventually, if you continue with this process particularly the rinse with the tea tree oil and clove oil throughout the day, it will allow the nerves to heal by avoiding infection and thus avoid the need for a filling, in most cases. However, you have to continue with cleansing out the cavity or decayed area of food practically after every meal and keep rinsing with the salt formula to avoid infection.

If you have an infection which will be noticeable with pain, then you can put a very small amount of clove oil on the infected area and even use more clove oil in the salt solution to numb the nerves and reduce the pain. The same can be done for abscesses. Additionally, if you have an infection then you should take garlic oil and/or oregano oil internally daily until the infection and pain reside. These extra measures must be done for at least a month in the case of infection or an abscess.


 This is my own personal method which I have done to avoid having my teeth drilled, filled and removed. I am not a qualified or trained dentist so you must make your own decisions, but this procedure has worked for me. At age 50, I have only lost one tooth in my life and it had a filling which damaged it early in my life.  Of course, your diet has a large impact on the condition of your teeth and gums but that is another story. I would read about the dietary recommendation of the famous natural dentist Weston A. Price for more details on how to eat for healthy teeth without cavities.

Additional ways to strengthen and care for your teeth and gums

Herbs that are high in minerals such as alpha, oat straw, marshmallow root and others strengthen the teeth and bones. In addition, foods rich with calcium and magnesium can help prevent bone loss and teeth grinding. Additionally, vitamin C deficiency can contribute to breakdown of connective tissue that produces blood vessel walls, bone matrix, cartilage.


For more than 1,000 years, the world has used the Arab chewing sticks (Miswak) as an oral hygiene aid. The Miswak contains a large portion of gall, an anti-mildew substance and an antiseptic astringent that stops bleeding of gum and strengthens it.  Amazingly, the Miswak has natural minerals that kill microbes and germs and remove plaque. Because of its healing properties it prevents bacterial growth in gums and thus prevents tooth decay. I bet your toothbrush can do that!

 Arab Miswak stick is a gift from nature for our teach since it heals the gums and cleanse the teeth without toothpaste.  I use one daily and you may see me cleaning my teeth with one while drive my car.