Healthy Teeth and Gums from the Inside Out : Natural Oral Care

Healthy Teeth and Gums from the Inside Out : Natural Oral Care
Healthy Teeth and Gums from the Inside Out : Natural Oral Care

Since ancient times, Mother Nature has provided the healing power to care for your body, mind and even mouth.  For thousands of years, Ayurvedic has been advocating and providing a wide range of natural remedies to effectively cure tooth decay, prevent tooth cavities, relieve toothaches, reduce the formation of plaque, and treat receding gums.  In the “West”, we have for the most part forgotten these ancient teachings with regard to both healthcare and dental care. In turn, we have become dependent on others to “cure” and fix us.  This article is written to empower you to care more for your own teeth and gums, and as a result have a healthier mouth with fewer dental problems.

My natural oral care protocol:

  1. Brush with a good natural toothpaste preferably with cinnamon and neem oil or powder after each meal. I recommend these brands: Auromere and Theraneem.  (Don’t use any commercial brands especially with fluoride)
  2. Also brush with some sea salt after normal brushing or add some salt to your toothpaste. Sea salt is affordable and a very effective way to clean your teeth when you don’t have toothpaste.
  3. Then, once a day preferably at night, floss between each tooth and use a toothpick or wooden tooth stick (Miswak stick) to clean between the teeth. Carefully scrape away any buildup of bacteria, food or plaque around the gum line both on the outside of the teeth and the inside.
  4. Rinse between and after brushing the teeth with this formula: In 8 oz of filtered mineral water with 1 tsp. of Himalayan salt, a pinch of baking soda (aluminum free), about 10 drops of tea tree oil and 3 drops of clove oil.
  5. Next, after brushing and cleansing your teeth, do oil pulling by taking about 2-3 tsp. of coconut oil in your mouth and “pull and push” the oil between the teeth for about 5 minutes before spitting out the oil.
  6. Finally, scrape the tongue with a tongue scraper or the back of a spoon to remove any oil and mucus especially on the back of the tongue. The tongue should be pink and clean.