7 Healthy Snacks Your Child Will Love

Every now and then, children will definitely want something to eat. Be happy when you children are in this state, as it means they’re healthy!

As a parent, you will always want something that is right for your child. So know the different nutrients your child’s body needs and the foods that contain them.


It is not enough to know that fruit and vegetables are healthy. You should be aware of their nutrient content. Give you child regular treats or reward-based learning. Let them achieve and treat them to something sweet or something they would like to have – snacks!

1. Fruit Kabobs And Lollipops



This snack doesn’t need a lot of effort. Choose 2 to 3 kinds of fresh fruits, push it on a stick, and voila! You just made a snack that your child needs and will love.

Berries, grapes, and cherries are good fruits for making fruit kabobs. However, if you only have one kind of fruit in stock, you can always make an alternative: fruit lollipops!


A small toothpick plus creativity is all you need. You can make an afternoon juice party for your kid, creatively make fruit lollipops and design them a little bit for your child’s eyes.

2. Milk Or Yogurt-Based Fruit Smoothies



Milk is a good source of calcium. Combine it with fruit and make smoothies. Smoothies are great nutrient-rich drinks that suffice the nutritional needs of your child’s body.

Smoothies appear in attractive colors, depending on what you want to achieve. This drink is a good disguise to make your child drink healthy fruits. And it also takes less time to consume than eating a whole apple. Why let your child chew two or three kinds of fruits when you can make them drink it all in one glass?


3. Applesauce


If your child likes to eat crackers and chips, then be creative with the dip! Apples are a fiber-rich fruit, which reduces the chances of constipation, high cholesterol, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. Applesauce is rich in vitamin C and potassium.


The applesauce for your child should ideally be homemade and unsweetened because it is healthier than commercial applesauce. You can also try mixing in some meat to make it more tender and tasty.

4. Sliced Apple Sandwiches



Just like bread sandwiches, you cut 2 apples in round slices and another kind of fruit or chocolate that serves as a patty. Take out the center, which contains the seeds. Microwave your apple sandwich for half a minute to melt the chocolate and to soften the texture of the apple.

5. Mini Pizza


Mini pizzas are also a good snack for your child. They can have a variety of toppings that range from vegetables to meat. Choose whole grain bread as dough for your pizza.

You can also make use of your applesauce or tomato sauce with this. Use healthy toppings with your pizza and design it to make it attractive to your child.

6. Mini Omelettes Or Scrambled Eggs


Mini omelettes and scrambled eggs are good for breakfast. Never let your child go to school without eating a morning snack or quick breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal because you sleep for 8 hours without eating. You may not feel it quickly, but everyone is hungry when they wake up.

7. Pinwheels


Pinwheels are bread shaped like a pinwheel. It is an excellent energy source for your kid, with the protein in the meat.

The best pinwheel for your kid is homemade. You have the liberty to choose what to mix in your batter to add more nutrients for your kid. Don’t forget to add meat, as protein is a rich source of food for your kids.