5 Healthy Lifestyle Changes That Can Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Cancer has become a very real health threat in America and is also one of the most feared illnesses. According to a report by the National Cancer Institute, approximately 39.6% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetimes. Even though there have been many technological advances in the treatment of cancer, many people equate a cancer diagnosis to a death sentence.

When it comes to cancer treatment, some people prefer to pursue cancer treatment through conventional medical channels, others prefer alternative medicine. It’s also common for people to use a combination of both as conventional cancer treatments do not really guarantee a cure.

Regardless of what course of treatment one decides to take, the best way to fight cancer is through preventive action. The exact cause of cancer is still a mystery but researchers do agree that adopting certain lifestyle habits can make you less likely to develop cancer. So here are 5 healthy habits you can work on to prevent cancer.

1. Stop Smoking

There is a complete consensus among the medical community when it comes to the harmful effects of smoking and its ability to increase the likelihood of cancer. Smokers are at a high risk of developing lung cancer but the habit is also associated with other types of cancer as well as being the cause of other chronic health conditions. Quitting smoking can drastically improve your health and allow you to lead a better life. Here are some ways you can quit smoking.

Using nicotine replacement therapy such as gum, patches or lozenges
Taking to therapist or counselor trained in helping people to quit cigarettes
Using hypnosis as a means of quitting
Replacing smoking with a healthier habit like running or swimming

2. Avoid Sitting All The Time

Lack of physical activity has become the root cause of several ailments and chronic conditions. Sitting for long periods at a desk, while driving, or when watching television has been found to increase the risk of the following types of cancer of the breast, colon, and ovaries. Studies have also shown that sitting all the way cannot really be offset by working out for an hour in the gym. The ideal solution is to be more mobile and active in your daily life, in general.

3. A Healthy Diet

Nutrition is a vital part healthy living and it can also help you reduce the risk of cancer. Though nutrition can be a complex subject to understand, following a few basic rules can keep you healthy and fit. The first step to cut down on processed foods as much as you can and switch to whole foods. Having plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as other foods from plant sources such as beans, nuts, and seeds can help your body strengthen its natural defenses against cancer and other health threats.

4. Avoid Becoming Overweight

Statistics show that the possibility of developing cancer increases in people who are obese. A healthy diet and an active lifestyle can help keep your weight in the normal range. There is a possible reduction in the incidence of cancer of the lung, kidney, breast, and colon in people of a healthy weight. So, adopting a healthy lifestyle can have multiple benefits for your mind and body.

5. Reduce Alcohol Intake

Though there are studies that talk about certain benefits of drinking beer or wine, alcohol, in general, is not good for your body. Regular, heavy drinking has long been associated with a higher possibility of developing cancer. Some of the factors that increase the risk of cancer are the length of time drinking, as well as the amount of alcohol consumed over a long period. It’s great if you can completely cut down on your alcohol consumption but having moderate or low levels of alcohol has been found to be non-threatening to health.