Healthier Options To Swap Your Favorite Junk Food

Most of us are foodies and no matter what happens in life, good food keeps us happier. Be it a Sunday brunch with friends or a heartbreak we are dealing with, good food makes everything better. The junk food options that are easily available are not just good in taste but makes us crave for them more. However, junk food causes a lot of harm to our health, but although we are aware of it, we cannot stop craving for more of it. This is why, read on to find out the best healthy options you can have to swap your favorite junk food without compromising in flavor and taste.

Replace Mac & Cheese With Quinoa Pasta And Walnut Miso Sauce

Quinoa pasta with walnut miso sauce can replace mac & cheese well.


Don’t worry if you are craving for mac & cheese and still trying to avoid it because it’s junk. Make some quinoa pasta and walnut miso sauce to satisfy your taste buds and feel satiated. The recipe is simple: make quinoa pasta according to the package instructions. To make walnut miso sauce, take a teaspoon of ginger juice, 2 tablespoons of white miso, ½ cup of almonds, ½ teaspoon soy sauce, and 2 tablespoons of water in a small processor. After blending them all together, toss the sauce over your pasta, chop toasted almonds, and serve hot.

Swap Apple Pie With Caramelized Apples And Pumpkin Seeds

Ditch apple pie for ghee caramelized apples.)

Now, you are going to ditch apple pie not just for a healthier option, but also, for a tastier option. This quick and easy-to-make version of apple pie has the same taste and flavor as apple pie, even better. Heat some ghee in a medium-sized, cast-iron pan and toss two peeled and chopped apples. Add 2 teaspoons of cinnamon and cook them until they caramelize, for around 5 minutes. Top it up with toasted pumpkin seeds for that crunchy taste. This is a gluten-free, sweet, and crunchy dessert you will instantly fall in love with.

Don’t Crave French Fries, Have Baked Kohlrabi Fries Instead

French fries can be swapped with baked kohlrabi fries

Kohlrabi is filled with protein and now, you will be ditching french fries for two reasons: to eat something healthier and to munch on something tastier. Forget that potatoes exist for a moment, and bring home some kohlrabis. Cut the kohlrabi the way you would cut regular fries. Coat the pieces with avocado oil and salt and put them on a baking sheet inside a 400°F oven. Bake the kohlrabi pieces for 15 minutes and you have your fries ready in a jiffy!

Try Mashed Avocado Toast With Nutritional Yeast And Sriracha Instead Of Pizza

Have mashed avocado toast with sriracha instead of pizza

Well, we all know that a pizza is a pizza and nothing can get better. However, something can replace your pizza. Do not be surprised, but although your thin-crust pizza loaded with vegetables and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese or goat cheese is a healthy option available, there is an even healthier option which will not let you feel that it is not a pizza at all. That is our good old avocado toast. While the toast makes up for the crust and the creamy avocado adds that element of cheese along with the nutritional yeast, the Sriracha tomato sauce makes up for the sauce without any sugar and all those nightshades. Enjoy this combo in all meals throughout the day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Swap Your Vanilla Milkshake For Nice-Cream Shake

Forget milkshakes because you can have nice cream shake instead

Let go off your dear milkshakes the traditional way because a nice-cream shake will satiate you well and keep your taste buds happy as well. Take a frozen banana, ½ cup of almond milk, 1 tablespoon of chia seeds, 1 teaspoon each of powdered turmeric and vanilla, and blend them together. The sugar addict in you will get the feel of floating on cloud 9 and will never look around for milkshakes again.

With these amazing, healthy, and tasty options to swap junk food with, keep yourself satiated and walk around with a happy tummy.