9 Health Myths You Need To Get Out Of Your Head

We may have been advised us to do certain things in a certain way, in order to preserve our health. Some of these “health tips” that were presented to us, although in our best interest, may not have been accurate. With recent advancements in the quality of research, many of the health tips we thought were true have been found to be mere myths. If you’re curious to know what some of them are, read on.

1. Using Deodorants Causes Cancer

Using Deodorant Is Not A Cause For Cance

People have largely stopped using deodorants and other antiperspirants because of the circulating fear that they cause cancer. Although fragrances used in cosmetic products are widely considered to be unsafe, there is no direct evidence revealing a link between using deodorant and cancer.

2. Drink 8 Glasses Of Water A Day

Drink Water When Thirsty

There is no magic number when it comes to how much water one should drink. It is essential that we drink water when we feel thirsty rather than following a specific numeric guideline. If you are concerned about feeling dehydrated, pay heed to the color of your urine. If your urine is darker than pale, straw yellow, then you may be dehydrated.

3. Certain Sex Positions Increase Chance Of Pregnancy

Certain Sex Positions Don’t Increase Chances Of Pregnancy

Many people believe that certain sex positions increase the chance of pregnancy. Several people also believe that some sex positions may increase chances of birthing either a boy or a girl. Needless to say, science has proven otherwise and it just doesn’t work that way.

4. Alcohol Increases Body Temperature

 Alcohol Reduces Body Heat

Yes, alcohol makes you feel warm but it doesn’t increase your body temperature. In reality, drinking alcohol causes your body to lose heat. The perception of feeling warmer is caused due to the fact that alcohol causes the blood vessels to dilate bringing more blood closer to the skin.

5. Following Diets That “Detoxify” Your Body

Detox Diets Don’t Really ‘Detoxify’ Your Bod

As of late, “detox” diets have become increasingly popular. The idea of the diet is it to drink only fruit juices and that supposedly will cleanse your body from toxins. The role of detoxification is taken care of by our liver and changing your diet temporarily is not likely to help in any way.

6. It Is Healthy To Poop Once A Day

It is a widely held assumption that healthy bowel movements mean that an individual defecates once a day and that anything more or less is indicative of a health condition. In reality, people have different metabolic rates and this means different poop frequencies. If you’re experiencing pain, discomfort or bleeding, then it is cause for concern and you should consult your doctor.

7. Eating Chocolate Is Healthy

Cocoa Is Healthy But Chocolate Might Not Be

We may try to appease our guilt of eating chocolate by telling ourselves that it has numerous health benefits. It is essential to understand that it’s not the chocolate but rather the ingredient of cocoa in it that is healthy. Most store-bought chocolate bars have a high-calorie content and we’re only kidding ourselves by thinking it’s healthy for us. If you want to eat healthy chocolate, go for the dark, bitter variety that contains over 60% cocoa and make sure you don’t eat too much.

8. Base Tans Help Prevent Sunburns

Tanning Can Cause Skin Damage

A large number of people use sunbeds to achieve what they call a “base tan” before heading out on vacation believing that this reduces the risk of getting sunburns. But tanning has been found to cause premature aging and damaged skin. Moreover, the protection that one would receive from practicing this, is only equivalent to using an SPF 3. So you’re far better off with sunscreen than subjecting your skin to something worse.

9. You Can Eat Whatever You Want As Long As You Work Out

Some people make the assumption that they can eat whatever they want to as long as they’re working out. But people largely underestimate the number of calories they consume. A sure way to stay healthy is through proper regulation of both diet and exercise.