4 Health Drinks You Can Make At Home

Stop yourself, the next time you find yourself reaching for an energy drink that you think is completely harmless, a great thirst quencher and something that can give you instant energy. Here are 4 health drink ideas each with its unique health benefits, and quite easy to stir up right in your kitchen. They aren’t just inexpensive and easy on your pocket, but they are totally natural and free from preservatives, flavoring substances, acidity regulators and other chemicals that these drinks usually have. Read on to know how you can create your own health drinks and reap the immense benefits they bring.

Something To Ease The Road To Recovery


With activated charcoal as its main ingredient, this drink is a sure-fire way to recover from any form of over indulgence. It may be a hangover that you’re nursing after a particularly bad episode of binge drinking or want some detox after having made bad food choices for a few weeks. To make this drink, mix 3 tablespoons of tender coconut water with 1 teaspoon of activated charcoal and a glass of water and stir the mixture well so that the activated charcoal dissolves completely. Drink up the concoction and you will find charcoal with its chelation properties, binding to the toxins and pulling them out. It may leave your mouth, tongue and your teeth blackish in color but with time, the color will vanish. Finally, there’s a solution that can make your occasional bad food choices just a little bit guilt free!

A Drink To Boost Your Energy


If you’re looking for a drink that boosts your energy, instead of going for caffeinated energy drinks, opt for beetroot juice. Beetroot juice makes for an excellent energy drink as it contains nitrates that get converted to nitric oxide in our body thereby increasing the body’s oxygen efficiency. This results in you feeling energetic as more oxygen is getting delivered throughout your body. Beetroot juice is also great if you’re an athlete and need to be oxygen efficient for better performance. To make this juice, add 3-4 tablespoons of beet juice with 1 or 2 cups of water and some lemon wedges to the mix. It tastes awesome and gets you the energy boost you need!

A Concoction To Detox Your Body

Sometimes, we need to give our digestive system a break, so that instead of digestion, it can focus on its other important functions like repair work on the mucosal membranes, replenishing the reserves of enzymes etc. Cleansing and detoxifying your body serves this important purpose. This can be done by making a drink out of lemon, ginger, turmeric, apple cider vinegar and cayenne. It’s very simple to make. All you need to do is add all these ingredients to water and drink it up. If you find it too strong, dilute it with water or add some honey to the mix. The apple cider vinegar and lemon are alkalizing and reduce the acidity in the system. The turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and helps bring down the inflammation in tissues while ginger helps improve the function of the digestive tract. The cayenne is a stimulant and helps stimulate actions needed in the body.

Vitamin C For Better Immunity

Our immune system is always silently at work, protecting us from invading microbes, assisting us in healing all the cuts, wounds and injuries that we may have and helping us stay healthy, strong and safe. Unfortunately, we think about our immunity and the immune system only when we are sick or recovering from an illness. How about we give a boost to our immune system with this great concoction that is super easy to make? The trick is to just add high doses of Vitamin C to your diet along with sipping on this easy-to-make but potent drink. Just infuse lemon, orange and ginger in water and drink up this great immunity booster. Other great ways of increasing your immunity can be eating the skin on kiwis (as it’s rich in Vitamin C), and trying to avoid sugary food and drinks as they aren’t just empty calories that you are adding but they also burden the immune system.