7 Health Benefits Of Pear Juice

Pear belongs to the genus Pyrus. Its juice is sweet, fragrant, and highly nutritious! You can find pear juice in the store, but be sure to choose one without added sugar. Pear juice can also be made at home if you have a juicer or a blender. It has high water content, so you can just blend it into a puree. Squeeze the pulp in a cheesecloth until the juice drips out. A strainer also works just as well.

To learn how pear juice is good for you, check out these five awesome health benefits.


7 Health Benefits Of Pear Juice

1. Provides Relief From Constipation

Health Benefits Of Pear Juice: Provides Relief From Constipation

One medium pear has 5.5 g of fiber. So if you can’t eat a second one, drink some pear juice for constipation. It’ll finally get those bowels moving.


Don’t drink too much at once. Consuming too much fiber too soon will worsen your stomach troubles. Instead, increase your intake over time and drink a lot of water.1

Infants and toddlers with constipation also benefit from pear juice. At the store, you’ll find pear juice for babies without added sugar. You can also make it at home with a blender or juicer.


2. Promotes A Healthy Digestive System

Health Benefits Of Pear Juice: Promotes A Healthy Digestive System

The fiber in pear juice doesn’t just cure constipation; it also helps food move swiftly through your digestive
system, ensuring proper absorption. This way, your body soaks up nutrients that contribute to overall health.


Pear juice also reduces the risk of intestinal inflammation – also known as diverticulitis. This is because of cellulose – a type of fiber found in fruits and veggies. The risk can decrease by 40 percent, so why not have some pear juice?2

3. Lowers Cholesterol

Health Benefits Of Pear Juice: Lowers Cholesterol


Fiber’s cholesterol lowering effects are no secret. So it’s no surprise that pear juice can lower cholesterol.

Fiber works by trapping bile; when it is excreted in the stools, it takes bile along. The body responds by breaking down LDL (“bad”) cholesterol in order to make enough bile for digestion.3


4. Reduces Heart Disease Risk

Health Benefits Of Pear Juice: Reduces Heart Disease Risk

Drinking pear juice for fiber also benefits your heart, thanks to fiber’s favorable effect on cholesterol. After all, having high cholesterol levels poses a major risk of heart disease.4 It also makes strokes and heart attacks more likely.


However, research has determined that pear intake is inversely linked to stroke. Other white fruits, like apple, also have the same benefits.5 For a tasty drink, consider mixing apple and pear juice together.

5. Lowers Diabetes Risk

Health Benefits Of Pear Juice: Lowers Diabetes Risk

Another advantage of the fiber in pear juice is diabetes prevention. Pear has a low glycemic index6, which means that it doesn’t raise blood glucose too fast. As a result, risk of type 2 diabetes decreases. Apples also have the same effect.7

6. Improves Cognitive Function

Health Benefits Of Pear Juice: Improves Cognitive Function

Pears are rich in flavonoids. These antioxidants prevent oxidative stress and neurodegeneration, helping your brain stay healthy. They also help lower your risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Because of flavonoids, pear juice makes a good drink for mental health. It also reduces the risk of stroke, providing added brain benefits.8

7. Treats Hangovers

Health Benefits Of Pear Juice: Treats Hangovers

A fun night out can make your morning a little rough. So if you’re not feeling too great and have a hangover, drink fresh pear juice. Its high water content will hydrate you. Plus, the vitamin C in pears will make you feel as good as new.

Vitamin C is also exactly what your cells need to regenerate and stay strong.

Eating a whole pear is always the best choice. However, fresh pear juice is tasty and is a great way to keep things interesting. So drink up!